Susanna F.: Ali B. Arrives in U-detention

An office judge ordered custody of the suspect in the murder of Susanna F. According to the prosecutor Ali B. Had confessed to the killing of the Mainzer.

Susanna F.: Ali B. Arrives in U-detention

The suspects in murder of Susanna F. Comes into custody. This was responsibility of responsible Ermittlungsrichterinangeordnet, police headquarters of West Hesse and Wiesbaden Public Prosecutor in a joint declaration. He was brought into a judicial prison.

Ali B. Had stood at interrogation by police to have killed Susanna F., SagteOberstaatsanwalt Oliver Kuhn in a statement. A rape contest B. But. As a motive, he stated that he had "due to injuries of Susanna, which should have arisen as a result of a fall", feared that she diePolizei informed. At hearing by judge, B. confirmed this information.

The suspect had been heard for several hours on Sunday. Ali B. is under suspicion of having raped and killed Mainzer F., who was found dead in Wiesbaden, on night of 22nd to 23rd May.

Federal policemen had brought b. On Saturday evening by plane from norrn Iraqi city of Erbil back to Germany. . He travelled with his family from Germany first to Turkey and n to Iraq. There, Kurdish security authorities were able to detain him on Friday "at last moment", as federal Sheriff Dieter Romann said picture on Sunday. Thus, suspects planned to flee to a neighbouring country of Iraq. The 20-year-old had been heard night before Sunday.

From investigators circles was said, if Ali B. Should be brought to men's prison Frankfurt I in case of a detention, because he could be better supervised re, he should be suicidal. Usually, young prisoners of investigation are accommodated in Justice prison Wiesbaden.

Little participation in demonstrations

In Mainz re were also demonstrations on Sunday. According to police, approximately 230 people have participated peacefully in rallies.

So right-minded initiative protested what! In city center against illegal immigration. Around 80 participants were involved in this, police shared with m. A total of about 150 people had come to two counter-demonstrations. Five counter-demonstrations were originally announced. One was canceled in advance. According to police, no one has come to or two.

B. Should have already stood in Iraq

B. According to Kurdish investigators, killing of 14-year-old girl has still stood in Iraq. He testified that he had drunk alcohol and taken drugs on a trip in forest with F., said chief of police Dernordirakischen Stadt Dohuk, Tarek Ahmed, in an interview with Reuters TV. There had been a dispute, which is why F. Tried to call police. The suspect had known "that re would be eineschwerwiegende accusation because she is under 18," Ahmed continued. When she insisted on calling police, B. Killed her.

The corpse of F. was found on June 6th. The case has attracted attention nationwide, especially because it succeeded in leaving country and it was already in Iraq when police suspected it indeed. The family had booked airline tickets under false names. Because y were able to present valid identity documents in control of Federal police, and officials did not compensate airline tickets, family was able to leave.

Date Of Update: 11 June 2018, 12:02

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