Susanna F.: Suspect Ali B. Supposed to have confessed

Ali B. Should have admitted to having killed the 14-year-old Susanna F. According to media reports, it will be delivered to Germany this Saturday.

Susanna F.: Suspect Ali B. Supposed to have confessed

Ali B., suspects in case of killed Susanna F., was said to have raped and killed 14-year-old. This was said by chief of police in Iraqi Dohuk, Tarek Ahmed, in an interview with a Kurdish television station. B. Should have stood in an interrogation with police. Susanna F. Had disappeared on May 22nd.

According to media reports, B. will be delivered to German authorities already this Saturday evening. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, general newspaper from Mainz and Wiesbadener Courier report in accordance with appeal of security circles. B. Had travelled to Iraq on 2 June with his family under a false name by plane via Turkey. On Friday night, he was arrested by Kurdish security forces in norrn Iraq.

Susanna F. Had not come home on May 22nd. Her body was found on June 6th. She was raped and n killed. Her case has attracted attention nationwide, especially because Ali B. managed to leave country and he was already in Iraq when police suspected him.

How Ali B. Could leave

Searches of time online have shown that departure was possible because B. and his family had received exit papers issued by Iraqi Consulate in Arabic letters, on which a false name stood. When airport was exited, federal police only controlled photographs of papers and compared m with people who wanted to leave. The airline tickets, which Ali B. Had booked under his real name, did not control police, because according to competent federal Police department Sankt Augustin "is not legally possible". This adjustment would have to be done by airline staff before a passenger enters aircraft. However, discrepancy between papers and name on ticket was not re.

Demonstrations planned in Mainz

In Mainz, demonstrations and vigils are planned for weekend. This Saturday Gutmenschliche Aktion Mainz invited to a funeral rally for Susanna F. In St. Peter's Square and turns against racism. The AfD Landtag Group of Rhineland-Palatinate wants to be motto "It's enough! Finally draw conclusions! "before Rhineland-Palatinate state Chancellery. There are also several rallies planned for Sunday.

Time online usually does not report on individual offenses. Why not and in which cases we report, you can read in our "Greenhouse"-contribution to topic.

Date Of Update: 10 June 2018, 12:02

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