Sweden: Life imprisonment for assassins of Stockholm

The German Rachmat A. was driven by a truck in a crowd last year and killed five people. For this he received the maximum penalty.

Sweden: Life imprisonment for assassins of Stockholm

A court in Stockholm sentenced man to life imprisonment, who committed a terrorist attack in Swedish capital in April last year. The German Rachmat A. Received maximum penalty, as court has given. A. is seen as a follower of terror militia "Islamic State" (IS).

A. was found guilty of five times murder of terror, as well as attempted murder in 119 cases and endangerment of human lives in 24 cases. His terrorist attack has inflicted on Sweden mainly "psychological damage", judges said.

Even before start of process, now 40-year-old had said that he had deliberately driven into a crowd on Stockholm main shopping street with a stolen truck. By attack on April 7, 2017, five people died. Fourteen of m were seriously injured. A. was arrested on day of attack.

A. Sweden, according to its own words, wanted to punish country for having joined Alliance to combat is. According to judgement, a. Before assassination was propaganda on internet consumed and chatted with or is sympathizers. Among or things, he asked for permission and support for his assassination in Stockholm. However, he did not meet any of his interlocutors. The is complained attack later not for itself.

A. has been living in Sweden since 2014. Two years later, authorities rejected his application for asylum, but before a threat of deportation he emerged. At time of assassination he was illegal in country.

The Court refore decided that sentenced person should be expelled after his imprisonment and not be allowed to return later. In Sweden, prisons sentenced to life imprisonment, similar to those in Germany, do not usually remain in prison until ir death. On average y sit for 16 years.

Date Of Update: 08 June 2018, 12:02

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