Teacher salaries: Officers all teachers!

The pay gap between officials and staff teachers is unfair. Staff teachers are not even cheaper.

Teacher salaries: Officers all teachers!

A KleinesEinfamilienhaus in country or a condo in city – about 275,000 euros less employees earn teachers ' powers in course of ir working life than Kollegenmit official status. This is what a new study says. In MonatlichenAbrechnung, staff teachers receive an average of 500 euros wenigerGehalt than officials. The difference in earnings can be sogarnoch higher depending on state and type of school.

In Bavaria almost NurVertretungslehrer are hired, all ors become as jeherverbeamtet as since. The East German Länder have mostly only hired after dieLehrer, but this practice now partly changes due to desLehrermangels. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, for example, all teachers Werdennun again. For this, Berlin teacher Nurnoch.

At present, a good 200,000 of total of more than 800,000 teachers are in Germany without official status. You get paid for equal Arbeitungleichen. This is arbitrary – and unfair. Because who works as a teacher usually does more than just a job: teachers educate dieKinder, y prepare m for future, y are often wichtigeVorbilder, or at least people, in and with whom teenagers can auseinandersetzen and quarrel. Lehrerinnenund teachers are often most important caregivers in Lebeneines child, alongside ir parents.

And re are too few of m. Too few young people want Berufergreifen because of großenGehaltsunterschiede. As a beginner, you must start in DerRegel as an employee in school service and accept oftmalsbefristete contracts without security. Studies show: If all teachers were once again, profession could become more attractive again. Because associated with demBeamtenstatus are many advantages, for example, DieAnstellung for life time. In this way, federal states that offer official status are recruiting teachers from or countries.

The fact that teachers undLehrer today even work as employees should save costs. In addition, a "lean state" was politically wanted by a few civil servants. But not only teachers are missing, but also police officers. This deficiency shows that state is almost a little too slender today.

Employees are not cheaper

Moreover, SindAngestellte is not necessarily cheaper for state. The state does not save anything by employing teachers, it only distributes expenditure differently. After all, for sielohn costs, re is a good 26 to 30 percent of gross wage, fürBeamte not. Employees also pay for health, nursing and unemployment insurance. Most importantly, Mon end of month have net less money than ir officials. If 200,000 employees were auchverbeamtet, ir contributions would be zwarfehlen in social insurances – but sum is in view of more than 32 Beschäftigungsverhältnissenvernachlässigbar million in social security.

The state Würdesich to gain an advantage by a general government of teachers: for civil servants – this has been confirmed Jüngsthöchstrichterlich – ban on strikes applies. Staff teachers and Lehrerhingegen are allowed to lay down work and do so. At expense of pupils, whose lessons are already often cancelled.

And re is one more argument: it would be a good sign if state had a good example in Gerechtigkeitsfragenals. The launch could create a level playing field for all teachers – also as a reminder to economy, where collective bargaining, temporary work and unequal salaries between men and Frauenleider are still widespread.

The countries already have leeway to beam teachers back. Einigenutzen him. The or countries should follow.

Date Of Update: 27 June 2018, 12:02

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