Thailand: We are all strong

In Thailand, a youth group has been trapped in a flooded cave for weeks. The boy is fine, but time is running out. Now shafts are drilled.

Thailand:   We are all strong

Operational forces in Thailand have drilled more than 100 rescue shafts into depths to save youth football team in a flooded cave on this path. The twelve children and ir coaches, however, were not reached so far, head of rescue campaign shared with. The holes were at present up to 400 meters deep – but boys and ir coaches were at a depth of about 600 meters.

The group has been trapped in cave for two weeks. After minors between ages of eleven and sixteen had gone to Tham Luang Cave toger with ir coach on 23 June, this was largely flooded by ongoing monsoon rain. For a long time it was unclear wher group was able to reach a dry place to endure – only a few weeks ago it was first discovered by rescue workers.

The entrapped people wrote in a letter that was transported by divers to outside world, that y would go well and be supplied by emergency workers. "Don't worry, we're all strong," says letter. But situation is unstable and could worsen at any moment: for weekend, some heavy rainfall is once again announced.

In addition, oxygen content in chamber decreases steadily. The hygienic Umständeschlecht are also available: in a confined space, everyone in group has to make mselves easier – bacteria, fungi and viruses can easily spread. Some group members are already showing signs of infection.

Time online a safe way out re's not yet

So far, rescue workers have not been able to make a safe way out of cave. Attempts to pump water out of cave were unsuccessful due to ever-recurring rain. Even drilled rescue shafts could not reach group so far. In this way, eight years ago in Chile, 33 buddies had been rescued, who had persevered in a buried mine for 69 days. But while mine was completely measured at time, and drilling could be precisely planned, re is hardly any geological data for Thai Tham Luang Cave. It is located in a border region of Thailand and is scarcely explored because of its difficult access location.

The operational forces are currently relying on trapped by divers to recover. The local helpers have been teaching group for a few days how to dive into outside world from branched cave system. Yet boys do not have necessary diving skills.

Scheduled on Saturday morning, salvage may be carried out this weekend. Two large groups of volunteer divers are to come to cave. The chief of operations said that two groups would be einträfen at weekend and n be able to start bringing twelve boys and ir coaches out.

1,000 helpers in use

The rescue operation is particularly difficult because cave is very large and winding. With an extension of about ten kilometres, it is one of longest caves in country. Dark and narrow passages must be navigated with muddy water, strong currents and numerous turns and curves. The professional rescue divers mselves need a total of five hours to get from outside to group. Last Friday, one of m died because he had used up his oxygen reserves on way. In some places in cave it was also extremely narrow, it was said by local forces. There you must eir remove breathing air tank and push it through opening first – or use special equipment from outset.

Rescue workers near cave © Linh Pham/Getty Images

A total of about 1,000 helpers are involved in rescue operation. In addition to a special unit of Thai Navy, rescue workers from different countries are on site. For first time, youth group was discovered by British elite divers.

The rescue operation, which has been ongoing for days, has become an international media event. Many people are following fate of included group, from prominent supportive messages. Players of national teams Sweden and England – quarter finalists of football World Cup in Russia – sent video messages to included, while FIFA invited boys to World Cup final – y should be saved in time and be healthy.

Date Of Update: 07 July 2018, 12:02

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