Thailand: Rescue workers want to liberate last children from the cave

In Thailand, the third effort has begun to rescue the children and their caregivers trapped in a cave. The already liberated boy seems to be doing well.

Thailand: Rescue workers want to liberate last children from the cave

In Thailand, a new diver's mission to rescue four boys and ir trainers from a cave has begun. "We plan to bring out four boys and coach," said head of rescue mission, Narongsak Osottanakorn. With boys, a doctor and three divers of Thai elite unit Navy Seals are supposed to leave flooded cave.

In region in norrn Thailand, on border with Myanmar, re were heavy rainfalls again on Tuesday. In Souast Asia is just monsoon season. It is feared that by rain water in cave will rise so fast that relief action must be canceled. The cave system in Doi-nang-non-mountain range is geologically scarcely explored, which is why rescue of young is so difficult. The children and adolescents are trapped miles deep in caves. "We know re is a very large entrance area, followed by more chambers. Basically, cave quickly becomes clearly small, "said cave researcher Emily Vogel in an interview with time online.

At least 19 special divers are involved in new rescue operation, most of m from abroad. According to governor, it may take longer than first two days, as in addition to five included, rescuers would also have to be brought out of cave.

Graphic: Time Online

It is unclear wher rescue capsule, which tech entrepreneur Elon Musk had developed by his engineers, is still in use. Musk had offered anor rescue facility with his "submarine for children". It is not possible to say wher device works as advertised. However, Musk seems to be actually on spot, as he had seen on Twitter.

Eight boys already liberated

In first two missions, a total of eight boys were rescued. Now y're all in hospital. According to doctors and authorities, y are well suited to circumstances. "None of eight boys has a fever today," said Jesada Chokedamrongsuk of Ministry of Health. All were X-rayed, and blood tests had been carried out. However, two boys received antibiotics because of pneumonia, but y were "in normal condition".

Thailand-a rescue under difficult conditions an employee of a relief organization has shot shots in Thai cave. In video is to see how hard to access path to trapped is. © Photo: Anyawut Pho-Ampai/Ruamkatanyu Foundation

The boys and ir adult caregivers sat in cave since 23 June. The local football team was surprised by water masses during a trip to Stalactite cave Tham Luang-Khun Nam Nang non. The way out is almost four kilometers long.

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Rescue action in Thailand-Elon Musk wants to help with a mini submarine with a submersible and inflatable rescue capsules, US companies want to participate in rescue of youth group included in a grotto. © PHOTO: Reuters

Date Of Update: 10 July 2018, 12:02

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