The focus of the decisions: the case for and against

the case for closing the school: our scandinavian neighbours Norway and Denmark-have closed their respective schools. Fredrik Elgh, professor of virology, be

The focus of the decisions: the case for and against

the case for closing the school:

our scandinavian neighbours Norway and Denmark-have closed their respective schools. Fredrik Elgh, professor of virology, believes that Sweden should do the same thing.

" It seems that the skolstängningar is active. They have done this in China and has been able to slow down the infection rate. The children and young people have a lot of social contacts, and if you minimize it, it can have a positive effect on the spread of infection in Sweden, " he said to the Aftonbladet newspaper. < / p>

the Arguments against closing the school: : In Sweden we do not see any gain in not allowing the schools to remain open.

" We know that the children are not driving the epidemic in the world. Children are less infectious, " said Johan Carlson, director-general of the Folkhälsomyndigheten, at a press conference last week, according to the bbc.

Criticism has been levelled against this measure, because it would mean that many working adults would need to be at home with their children. < / p>

the Arguments for closing the borders:

/strong> a number of countries around the world have closed the borders, in whole or in part, in the hopes of not getting more people with hepatitis c in the country.

Norway is one of the countries that closed the country's air and sea ports for the incoming. According to the prime minister, Erna Solberg, this is done in order to reduce the spread of infection and to boost the economy. < / p>

the Arguments against closing the borders:

the EUROPEAN union's own experts believe, however, that it is not efficient. This is because of the people who might be infected, then it will continue to move into the region as a whole – and that this will result in spreading the virus, without treatment.

In Sweden, there are still no plans to close the country's borders.

" Now, there is an infection in neighbouring countries and around the world. It is not going to disappear over night. The measures are to be effective, but also sustainable, " says Folkhälsomyndighetens assistant statsepidemiolog, Anders Wallensten, to the Echo.

Arguments in order to try to achieve herd immunity: In a post on Facebook, wrote previously statsepidemiologen Annike Linde, as to what is desirable would be with a smaller spread among the younger generations, in order to achieve herd immunity – i.e., that a large part of the population is infected and will be immune.

In the united kingdom, the government's scientific adviser, Patrick Vallance, said that the hope for herd immunity in the long run. He says that it is supposed to protect the elderly who are at risk of dying from the disease, according to the news agency TT. < / p>

the Arguments against trying to achieve herd immunity: , the spread of disease, however, is not Folkhälsomyndighetens strategy. On Sunday, " said the head of the department, Karin Tegmark Wisell, to the Swedish radio that the agency's goal is to reduce the spread of infection.

" She's absolutely right that if we have herd immunity among those in the community that can tolerate this condition, in a good way, it will also protect the elderly. However, it is not our intention at the moment. Now, it's to make sure not to spread the infection further.

Arguments in order to try all of them:

In the early stages were tested, all of which were suspected to be corona. This is in order to be able to track down where the infection was coming from, and as a way to limit it. When you are going to end testing of wide-will also be statistics on how many people are actually getting less reliable. < / p>

the Arguments against testing all of them:

/strong> the Region of Stockholm and ended on Wednesday, with the purpose of testing individuals who do not belong to a risk group, or are working in the healthcare field. The greater the focus can be on reducing the spread of infection between the hospital's departments.

- Erik Berglund, who is a press officer in the Stockholm region, has told the Swedish newspaper svenska dagbladet that the more you test the less able to ”give priority to the weaker persons and those in the health sector.

a number of other regions in the united kingdom have followed in Stockholm, sweden later in the week. < / p>

the Arguments for a strong social disengagement:

According to experts, the spread of the infection mainly by droplets and through close human contact. The two-to-three meter distance is recommended. Many countries have, today, a directive on the crowds of people, and in Austria, have banned gatherings of more than five people to congregate. The country's chancellor, Sebastian Kurz calls on the people to leave their home in order to go shopping, or to help others. < / p>

the Arguments against the severe social disengagement: , The vast majority advocate some kind of social disengagement. But at the same time, to ensure that the community might have to suffer an economic damage for a long isoleringsperioder. Some are advocating that these rules would have to apply to the health of the people, who are less likely to spill.


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