The post-Brexit border war rages

We are witnessing a resolute bit of Delivering Brexit.

The post-Brexit border war rages

We are witnessing a resolute bit of Delivering Brexit.

Interview with the Prime Minister in Belfast: He confirmed that what's going on was a direct result of the agreement he signed.

The whole business of Northern Ireland was a constant issue during those years of conflict after the referendum.

This is the reason why Brexit is so important. Borders are about rules that are different from each other.

However, logic dictates that you must put it somewhere else if you are unable to set up a traditional border (where stuff is checked) on the border between the UK & EU.

You can't place one on the actual border that separates Northern Ireland from the Republic of Ireland, as it is considered a crucial part of the peace process.

It can go anywhere else.

When the government and the electorate said they wanted to "get Brexit done", the answer was to put it into the Irish Sea. This means that stuff is checked as it crosses from England, Scotland, and Wales to arrive in Northern Ireland.

By agreeing to Brexit, the government was able to get Brexit done. It's called the protocol, and it refers to a border within a country or within the UK.

This meant that the UK could exit the European Union.

This meant that England, Scotland, and Wales could exit the EU's Single Market and Customs Union as promised by the government.

It also meant an internal border.

In fact, the government signed it to solve what was then today's issue, and create tomorrow's.

It is tomorrow.

Let's not forget that while many businesses may claim the protocol is very damaging, there are many others who love it and don't want to change.

Its existence, however, has obvious consequences.

This means that Northern Ireland does not have a functioning devolved government. The Democratic Unionists will not allow them to return in until the situation is corrected.

Ministers are concerned about the integrity and security of the UK.

Critics say it is a sign that the government is destroying the country's image by claiming it will ignore an international agreement it signed only a few year ago.

Now, the government has stated that it will create a new law to replace certain elements of the protocol it does not like.

According to me, they are doing it out of "regret, necessity, and not blazing anger" towards the EU.

This is a long process that can take nine months to one year. It has not even begun yet.

One source stated that details need to be "a little bit bottomed out".

The main focus will be on removing restrictions from items crossing the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Ministers are seeking a "green lane", which is a way to get this stuff.

The EU would have a "red lane", which means goods entering the Union will be allowed to go. They would still need to be checked in order to comply with the EU's Single Market.

The government also wants to see the European Court of Justice removed from the protocol and Northern Ireland not be aligned with certain EU rules regarding Value Added Tax.

However, I believe that both these items are less important than the Irish Sea Border.

The government will also emphasize its commitment to an open border on Ireland, and that large portions of the protocol work well for them.

On Monday, I wrote that ministers believed what they did this week would tempt the DUP into at least trying to get the Northern Ireland Assembly back up and running.

However, the DUP has repeatedly stated that they want to see actions and not just words.

Today was more words.

One source from DUP said it best: "I'm not certain a Truss declaration of intent will have Unionists dancing on the streets."

This fight over borders will continue for at least months.

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