This is the course of history’s darkest chapters


the Reindeer migrate with the seasons. They don’t care about the country. When the forced resettlement of the sámi people start, they get to use all of his strength, in order to get the reindeer to go in the wrong direction. This is one of the strengths of the images in the Sign up to the Anna cannot be predicted within reason. the book ”the Men we were put here”. In addition to that, the families are forced to move from their small cottage places where, is the move to the countryside. They lose animals, the herd following the herd. When they arrive at their designated new home, far to the south, they are not the only invaders of other people’s chips, but is also in dire straits.

When I open the book, I think about how much we have learned about the lines of the Sykes and Picot , pulled out of the Middle east, but how is the disappearance of the little we know about what happened on the basis of the borders of our own country.

It could be, alternatively, the slaughter of their reindeer, if they are not breaking up, and the like.

So, here’s what it was. For more than a century ago, in 1905, and became Norway’s own country. However, the sami continued to move back and forth across the border with their animals, following the seasons in search of pasture, as they have done since time immemorial. At the end of lost it was the norwegians out of patience. It’s got to be the end of summer grazing in the barents sea. Norway for the norwegians. Then, in 1919, came to the two countries of Sweden and Norway, agreed that it would be restricting the amount of deer that would have to be moved across the border. Forced relocation has been started in order to get rid renskötarfamiljerna and their reindeer. First, with the empty promise that they would come back, and then, with the threat that he would sue them, or alternatively, the slaughter of their reindeer, if they are not breaking up, and the like.

This is a dark chapter of Swedish history that coincided with the emergence of the institute for racial biology in the department of history in Uppsala, sweden, who also went, measured, recorded, and individuals of the sami from the beach. It was a well-known skallmätningarnas period of time. The sami were viewed as inferior beings. The swedes were herrefolket. The perpetrators of oppression.

families with children will be exhausted to Sorsele. The mother believes that they will be able to rent a bagarastuga, but, instead, reference was made to the crown to call the team. ”If tillsyningsmannen know how she scrubbed the floors in the home, in the Sohppar. How to clean and she had it.” However, the ”piece” was seen as a dirty, inferior people.

Sign up to the Anna lab work as a journalist, living in Jokkmokk, and a descendant of one of the families that were dislocated in the 1920’s. She has collected the testimonies of witnesses, players, pictures, and poems, with a historical tapestry of a time that very few swedes are aware of this. It’s in the nick of time. During the work on this book has, one-by-one of the eye-witnesses only.

As settlers, with all that this entails in terms of the world, with the track up to the present day.

it cannot be predicted within reason of the book is, overall, a sad and seething. Of course, the more evidence I have to take some of the more powerful is the impression of a repressed people, who are chased into the road, biting the pair, breaking up their tents, build them back up again, tiger, tiger, is suffering. They are being forced to cut ties with the grandmothers, and the grandmothers to sit on other people’s chips on the very far to the south. As a settler, with all the consequences of the local conflict, with the track up to the present day.

the parents of the Ukrainian politicians, in 1919. He tells the story of their parents ‘ home, which was left behind and is rotting away in a place that will forever remain in your memory as one of the most beautiful places in the world, but that they could never return, and never wanted to show them that they are crying.

the County came to a dry objective, the orders of transfer, to the pursuant to the act and to section so and so, under threat of a penalty should be started on a specific date. Someone is trying to persuade the authorities, they are calling for a Royal majesty about to get to stay with their small herd of reindeer, at least for a year until the wife is stronger, but gets only a cold welcome for the reply.

the Stories are characterized by clenched jaw and held back the anger. I’m listening to the audio book, as the lab work itself, read the small elements of the song of the sami language, which is easier for me to find out the places of interest to you. In the preface, she is sitting in the archives in Helsinki, and looking at a photo of a mother with three young children, one of them being her grandfather. One of them has broken, the kolt. Use to wonder why it isn’t fixed. They are still ”on the winter land, in the middle of the summer, when they should have been in the sea.”

it cannot be predicted within reason, beautifully designed, and the light of the book of mormon is far from being complete. I have more questions than the book can answer. But now I feel it’s our damned duty to find out for themselves. And for the Swedish school system, to lift themselves by their bootstraps. If so, we must tell the story.
SIGN up to the ANNA USE.

as the Men did here. If the policy of forced relocation in Sweden.

Collins publishers, 193 pp.

the Design of the Nina Ulmaja and Jennifer Bergkvist / span >

Ljudboksuppläsning of the author, 3.34 (t).

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” Gunilla Brodrej, is a critic and editor in chief of Expressen’s Culture.


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