To hit the vab-the money is much worse than the winter vomiting disease


It wasn’t just politicians who spoke on the suspicion of cheating and over-exploitation of the welfare system in the early 2000’s. The common people did it, too, in a disapproving tone. They could not see how a neighbor is on it’s own completely renovated house is wired, they were heltidssjukskriven for a bad back.

on the other heard a chuckle contently at how easy it was to reinforce the hushållskassan by taking out the vab replacement, though they are working on it as usual.

in 2004, examined the national social insurance board – which is the social Insurance agency (FK) by the name of – if you to temporary parental benefits, and those who had more than ten withdrawals per year. The results were disappointing.

< Frånvarointygen created a fuss
the Government in the Economy, tried to stop the fraud by insisting that the parents got the frånvarointyg from the pre-school and primary school. The social insurance offices to the lack of filled-in forms, which led to a long-utbetalningstider.

the CLUB asked to be released from the certificates, and there you have it. In the year 2011, claimed the director-general Dan Eliasson says that the cheaters were to be found in a simpler way, an investigation was proposed, that the employer was supposed to provide income information to the Tax authorities every month. < / p>

his control.

in 2018, called for and received 69 million. In the last year, it was all about. to 81 m “. Some of the parents have been careless, while others have deliberately thrown him money, and at worst, up to a half a million dollars in a few years.

Now, the hope, the social Insurance office again to work on an automated basis. Then, in the last year, employers must submit the income information for each and every individual, is a once-a-month to the Tax office. The amount of data to add to the vab-the absence does not appear to be a very part time job.

they are the deceiver’s best friend
I sölkorvighet is typical of this and past governments ‘ efforts to detect and deter crime, not least in the field of well-being.

Bilmålvakterna, and the people behind them – will all face the pain. The one who, for more than six months, have had unpaid fees for more than 5 000 dollars to have the use prohibition of the vehicle. However, only 20 and 21.

Samordningsnumren, which are distributed nearest to the blind, to persons who are not recorded in Sweden, and paves the way for fraud. The investigation is accomplished. It is to be completed in april 2021 at the latest.

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