From the Kremlin’s point of view, the Ukraine war would have ended long ago without western arms deliveries. Moscow particularly emphasizes their destruction. Russian missiles are said to have hit a training center where Ukrainian soldiers learned how to use the Western M777 howitzer.

According to the Russian military, it has set up a center for training artillerymen in western weapons technology. “High-precision air-to-surface missiles struck an artillery training center of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Stetskivka area of ​​the Sumy region,” said Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov. At the center, soldiers were taught how to use the Western M777 howitzer, he added.

Moscow has been criticizing Western arms deliveries to Ukraine for months. According to the Kremlin, the war would have ended without the armaments aid. In order to reduce this aid, the Russian leadership emphasizes the destruction of Western weapons and volunteers. Konashenkov also explained that in the Odessa region in southern Ukraine “a camp of foreign mercenaries” had been destroyed by a rocket hit.

Overall, according to Russian information, its own air force has liquidated more than 400 Ukrainian soldiers, 20 main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, around a dozen artillery pieces and rocket launchers, and around 30 vehicles in the past 24 hours. The Russian air defense is also said to have shot down a Ukrainian transport plane. The information cannot be independently verified.