Trump supporter stormed Capitol, while facing attempted murder charges. Released into grandfather's care

Matthew Beddingfield, who was seen outside the Capitol giving a Nazi salute on Jan. 6, was also praised by federal prosecutors online.

Trump supporter stormed Capitol, while facing attempted murder charges. Released into grandfather's care

WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump supporter accused of storming Capitol during Jan. His grandfather was given the order to release him Wednesday after he was charged with attempted murder in the first degree.

U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols stated that Matthew Beddingfield, who was captured using a flagpole with an American flag to attack police Jan. 6, could be released into custody of his grandfather, a veteran military man who lives in rural North Carolina.

Nichols stated that he would have kept Beddingfield safe until the trial had his grandfather not offered to be his custodian.

Nichols stated that if it weren't for Mr. Beddingfield and his grandfather, this would have been a relatively simple case."

The government asked Nichols to reverse the decision by a federal magistrate who had released Beddingfield from pretrial detention and placed him in the custody of his grandfather.

Beddingfield, a North Carolina resident was arrested by online sleuths on February 2022. His lawyers have not denied that he was involved in the attack on Capitol.

The Justice Department also claims Beddingfield harassed racially online users of social media following the Jan. 6 attack. A federal prosecutor also revealed that Beddingfield, a Capitol Police officer, used a flagpole as a weapon to target his genitals during a battle with rioters trying to stop Joe Biden's electoral College victory.

Nichols stated that Beddingfield would not be allowed back to work after being released. This is to make sure he can't go online. Beddingfield's grandfather doesn't have internet access at home.

Beddingfield cannot have a smartphone because of the conditions imposed by the magistrate judge.

"I hope that you are hearing me loud and clear... If you make a mistake... Nichols informed Beddingfield that he would look closely at your actions and will quickly revoke pretrial releases and keep you detained pending trial.

Video footage shows that Beddingfield (20 years old) was one of the first to rush past the barricades and was also on the frontlines during clashes with police. He was being held on bail for attempted murder and was therefore subject to a curfew at 6 p.m. in North Carolina.

Beddingfield ultimately pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of attempted murder and was given a suspended sentence with a violent felony on his record. Last month, he was charged with the Jan. 6 riot after he turned up to a meeting for his probation officer.

Wednesday's federal prosecutor stated that Beddingfield was entitled to release without conditions. He also detailed the account of the Capitol Police officer who confronted Beddingfield during the attack. The officer claimed that Beddingfield tried to use the flagpole against his genitals, even though he wasn't wearing a protective cup.

Federal prosecutor Sean Murphy stated that Murphy had already demonstrated that he could hit below the belt as he did with the Capitol Police officer.

Murphy claimed that Beddingfield had previously shown that he did not respect court orders by participating in the Jan. 6th attack while out on bail, and then creating social media accounts despite being prohibited from using these platforms.


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