Turkey: Meşale Tolu is back in Germany

After 16 months in Turkish detention, the journalist arrived in Stuttgart. Tolu announced that it would travel to Turkey to continue its process.

Turkey: Meşale Tolu is back in Germany

After months of imprisonment, German journalist and translator Meşale Tolu has left Turkey and has arrived in Stuttgart. On arrival at airport, 34-year-old expressed her concern about situation in Turkey: "I am here today, but hundreds of colleagues, opponents, lawyers, students, 70,000 students are still imprisoned, are still not free."

She could "not really rejoice at departure", said Tolu to journalists in Swabian Leinfelden-real things, because she knows "that nothing has changed in country in which I was imprisoned."

Due to accusations of terrorist propaganda and membership of a terrorist group, Turkish judiciary had detained Tolu for 16 months. The journalist, who comes from Neu-Ulm and works for left-wing news agency Etha, was accused in spring of 2017 as a supporter of leftist party MLKP and was brought into custody toger with her little son. Seven months later, in December 2017, Tolu was allowed to leave prison, but judiciary banned her from leaving. Tolu has always denied accusations for which she could be punished with up to 20 years in prison. After her arrival, Tolu spoke of a "chain of injustice."

"I'm just a little bit brave"

Only a few days ago, ir exit ban had been lifted. Tolus husband, Suat Çorlu, who is also accused, must remain in Turkey. The trial against two will continue re, and trial should continue on 16 October. Tolu announced that he would return to Turkey for trial. They do not reckon with a new arrest: "Of course it is an arbitrary rule that governs, which can do everything again. But I think I'm just a little bit brave. "

According to official information, seven or Germans are currently in custody in Turkey for "political reasons".

Updated Date: 27 August 2018, 12:00

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