Unjustified deportations: postpone at any cost

Sami A. is not the only case in which asylum seekers have been unlawfully deported. The authorities are finding it difficult to correct their own mistakes.

Unjustified deportations: postpone at any cost
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    It was three years ago, when Germany's interior politicians closed a deal. He says: Good refugees are allowed to stay if y have to go bad. Being good is to be politically persecuted and threatened by torture or death. What is bad about it is who is seeking happiness in Europe from poverty. Since n, people from Germany have been increasingly deported.

    But reports are piling up that authorities have no control over rules of ir own deal. They make mistakes and sometimes y even ignore court orders. It is difficult to judge wher re is sloppiness or intention behind it. Because all cases are different and are often complex. But y show how much care is needed to assess life histories of asylum seekers, and how damaging political pressure can affect m.

    The case of Karimullah S. is an example of this. The Afghan should have received status of a recognised refugee under Geneva Conventions, but at least a subsidiary protection. Thus, it is appreciated by his lawyer Myrsini Laaser and Refugee aid organisation per asylum. But he was deported to Afghanistan on Tuesday evening – because of a formal error which probably German authorities had committed and which bamf ignored.

    "Obviously unfounded"

    For his persecution, for death of his family members, authorities have never been interested. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) argues that Karimullah S. Has 2016 under a second name trying to make anor asylum application. Such multiple entry attempts are illegal, so it was heard, but ultimately deported. But S. Repeatedly affirmed that officials at Bavarian border had taken his name wrong on his entry, that re had never been a second application, nor a second attempt to enter. Neverless, he was informed by bamf that his application for asylum was obviously unfounded because of his false information.

    There are court rulings that demand that asylum applications from Afghanistan should always be examined because of dangers re, y should not be rejected as manifestly unfounded on basis of formal criteria. However, neir bamf nor Cottbus District Court were interested in this. They put traumatized and mentally unstable s. On a plane to Kabul. He could also pursue resumption of his asylum procedure from Afghanistan. Due to poor, sloppy work of bamf, he was deported, says his lawyer Laaser. "He repeatedly pointed out that he was incorrectly registered."

    This case is only most recent in a series of similar incidents. The Bavarian radio reported at beginning of month about a Uighurs who had been illegally deported to China. He was to be placed on a plane to Beijing on early morning of April 3 – on day he was to be heard orally by bamf because of his asylum application. Apparently a fax was lost, with which bamf wanted to inform competent foreigners ' office in Munich that man should first remain in Germany.

    After deportation disappeared

    The Uighurs had indicated that 2013 had fled from Chinese detention and travelled to Germany. The Uighurs are a Muslim minority in western China and are persecuted. Neverless, bamf had rejected first asylum application by man as obviously unfounded. His lawyer had subsequently lodged an application for asylum. According to foreigners ' office in Munich, this request would initially have inhibited deportation. Neverless, he was deported. What became of man after he got out of plane in Beijing, neir German authorities nor his German lawyer know.

    In current much-discussed case of Sami a., even judiciary complains about actions of asylum authorities. For days, politicians and authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia have been arguing on one side and one court on or. It is about illegal deportation of alleged Islamist Sami a. It is said that it has been unjustifiably deported to Tunisia, as upper administrative Court in Münster has said, even though a court case has not yet been officially terminated which would have prevented this deportation.

    Updated Date: 17 August 2018, 12:00

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