USA: Nebraska establishes inmate despite protests from pharmaceutical manufacturers

In Nebraska, a prisoner was executed with a poison mixture. A German manufacturer fears that part of it comes from its own production.

USA: Nebraska establishes inmate despite protests from pharmaceutical manufacturers

A prisoner was executed against protest of German Pharmaherstellers Fresenius Kabi in state of Nebraska. The state prosecutor's office confirmed death of 60-year-old, who had been sentenced to death almost forty years ago for murder of two taxi drivers. The poison mixture used in execution may also consisted of preparations from Fresenius Kabi.

The poison cocktail contained four substances, including Fentanyl used for first time in an execution in United States. In case of two or substances, Fresenius had suspected that it could be products from its manufacture and, on or hand, had taken legal action for fear of reputation. The lawsuit, however, was rejected as unfounded by a Nebraska tribunal. The appeal also failed only a few hours before execution.

The execution was first in state of Nebraska since 1997 and 16th in US in current year. According to US Information centre on death penalty, all executions this year were enforced with poison syringe. However, it is becoming more and more difficult for US states to get substances for poison injections. Many manufacturers are afraid of Fresenius reputation.

The opioid Fentanyl is notorious in US because it can lead to addiction as a painkiller. The dependence on prescription opioids is a major problem in US.

Date Of Update: 15 August 2018, 12:00

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