Vatican: Pope appoints top strikes for abuse allegations

Francis responds to the reports of sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests. He has appointed the heads of the bishops ' conferences in the Vatican.

Vatican: Pope appoints top strikes for abuse allegations

In coming year, Pope Francis wants to discuss abuse in Catholic Church with tips of Bishops ' conferences. The meeting was to take place from 21 to 24 February in Vatican, said vice-speaker of Vatican, Paloma García Ovejero. The nine members of Cardinals ' Council, which advise pope on question of internal church reforms, would have had intensive discussions with Francis on subject of abuse.

Reports on abuse of children and adolescents by Catholic priests are increasingly putting pope under pressure. In Germany, too, figures on extent of sexual abuse in Catholic Church were announced on Wednesday. The time and mirror published preliminary results of an investigation, which German Episcopal Conference officially did not want to introduce until September 25th. Thus, sexual abuse in German church has been widespread in past. The series of abuse cases thus even ranged to end of investigation period.

What happened so far

In December 2017, royal commission published in Australia most extensive report on sexual abuse of minors that had existed until n. The lower blaring for Catholic Church: In its institutions risk of being abused was greatest. The Australian Bishops ' Conference now affirms fundamental reforms of church. In August 2018, United States published a more than 800 page report by grand jury of Pennsylvania on child abuse in Catholic Church: seven percent of priests were perpetrators. In September, former papal nuncio in Washington accused Pope Francis as a cover-up.

What is happening now

The Pope preaches almost daily against abuse. He always scourges clericalism in his church. However, he did not comment on accusations against him. Meanwhile, in Rome, Pope's Child protection commission meets Cardinal Seán O'Malley. The Jesuit Hans Zoller, who belongs to her, says:» The recent crisis has finally placed topic of abuse at top of church's list of priorities. It needs an inner readiness for constant self-criticism. We support this with all our efforts. " In October, world's first full-time master's degree in child protection ("safeguarding") is opened in Rome at Pontifical University of Gregorian.

What is still coming in Germany

On Thursday and Friday of this week a congress of affected sexual violence against children and adolescents takes place in Berlin, under title "Say". 250 persons affected. Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey and federal government Commissioner for sexual Child abuse issues, Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig, are re, including Independent Commission for reworking of child abuse under direction of Sabine Andrese N. Members of Council concerned, including Kerstin Claus (evangelical) and Matthias Katsch (Catholic), speak at beginning. Katsch said in advance: "That abuse offenders have not been punished, one cannot change any more. But if structures of church remain that way, this will question meaning of reworking. " Info:

Why we report in advance

For 25th of September, German Bishops ' conference, led by Cardinal Marx, has planned publication of its abuse study. The time has decided to report on some results in advance. To this end, cover-up of crimes has also induced us: church used its power to protect perpetrators, it controlled file detriment of victims.

Now she is also trying to control investigation of abuse. We do not want to leave her sovereignty of interpretation alone.

The conference next year will probably be first of its kind. In past, numerous senior church representatives declared that child abuse by clergymen was restricted to Anglo-Saxon area and was not a worldwide problem. The church leadership signals with planned meeting that she does not see it that way.

It was not until August that Francis had described child abuse by clergy in Ireland as a "heinous crime." The church's wrongdoing remains "a source of pain and shame for Catholic community," Francis said in Dublin. The ecclesiastical authorities failed to deal with scandal. At same time, he had warned against forgetting "positive role" of Church: "The Church in Ireland has played a role in past and present in promoting well-being of children, which must not be obscured."

Updated Date: 13 September 2018, 12:00

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