Waiting rate: Waiting time for medical places should be wasted

In the future, the period up to the commencement of a study will no longer be a criterion for getting a medical course. The Conference of Ministers of Education agreed on this.

Waiting rate: Waiting time for medical places should be wasted

Change in approval procedure: in future, medical places will no longer be awarded according to waiting time quota currently in force. Representatives of 16 federal states have agreed on this at Conference of Ministers of Education in Erfurt. The graduation note, however, will continue to be decisive for placement of places of study, it was said. According to this, at least 20 percent of places will be awarded to candidates with best graduation grades. The decisions of Conference are not binding on Länder.

With ir decision, Ministers of Education responded to a judgement of Federal Constitutional Court in December. In this, judges had declared award procedure for medical places to be partially unconstitutional and demanded a reregulation until end of 2019. In addition to waiting time quota, constitutional judges also complained lack of comparability of Abitur grades in various federal states. For this purpose, plans of Ministers of Education and a definitive political solution should first take place of a compensatory mechanism.

In addition to graduation notes, two furr "suitability-based" criteria should play a role in awarding of medical study places, it was said in a communication by ministers. Which of se are and what weight y will have in award procedure should refore be clarified later this year.

Date Of Update: 16 June 2018, 12:02

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