Javier Marias: "The first missing of the history of the literature is Ulysses"

Javier Marias in ' What are you reading? '

Javier Marias:
Javier Marías has been the guest of this week's ' What Are you reading? ' The coffee Room Steiner directed by Bern Gonzalez Harbour on Facebook of El PAÍS opinion where we analyze the present through readings. Marias has just published Berta Isla (Alfaguara), which in some sense treats – according to the author himself – of the wait. Learn More Marias returns on his footsteps Many years he wanted to address a kind of novel of people returning from the war, people who disappear and reappear-even does not come back, says Marias. The author stands out among the books that inspired him for the writing of his last novel, The Odyssey of Homer, "the first disappeared from the history of Literature is Ulysses", and other classics such as Henry V of Shakespeare, Colonel Chabert de Balzac or history of two Cities of Charles Dickens. Javier Marias (Madrid, 1951) is a writer, columnist and translator. He collaborates with the country since the beginning of the newspaper and since 2008 he is a member of the Royal Spanish Academy. He has published more than a dozen novels, with the Infatuations (Alfaguara, 2011) won the National narrative Prize in 2012. The selection of Javier Marias for what are you reading? is: Homer's Odyssey. The woman of Martin Guerre, of Janet Lewis (realm of round). Colonel Chabert, De Balzac (Realm of round). The story Wakefield, in the book Twice-Told Tales, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Lord Rendall's song, in Bad Nature, Javier Marias (Alfaguara). Henry V, of Shakespeare. The verses of T.S. Elliott belonging to Little Gidding, one of the Four quartets. History of two cities, by Charles Dickens. The trilogy Your Face Tomorrow (2002-2007) by Javier Marías himself, from which he retrieves some characters.

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