In botany: a Deceptive gloss

As public space, is currently in Park watch, where the new normal stacks and stacks of pizza cartons and the picnic doesn't cover will only be rolled out on Su

In botany: a Deceptive gloss

As public space, is currently in Park watch, where the new normal stacks and stacks of pizza cartons and the picnic doesn't cover will only be rolled out on Sundays to take care of grass surfaces, as long as it's in a torrential downpour. While "Sprizz to go", in turn, makes those places attractive, where previously hardly anyone to look left, because of the lack of chairs and benches or expensive caterers, the patch to master, which they claim now, with duct tape still large and even with in - and outputs provided.

Sonja Kastilan

Responsible for the Department of "science," the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

unlike castles in the air, the commercial Highness spaces watchful staff, and if one of the three-shell fountain at the old Frankfurt Opera house attracts now since weeks behind velvet ropes, confused, but then: Where is the "urban gesture", with a city of such claim in full designed free spaces for their citizens, free of charge, ready for use? For a short time, it was actually back in the evening only, however, remained open to a half, and at the Moment, the rippling Idyll is back in shackles. Who can always ensure that the thick cords will soon be removed and this well is freely accessible, which we would like to thank in advance with an imaginary flourish!

After the celebration evening is on this new restricted zones, with a glass in the Hand reflect, you could bring its contents to self, you want to sit on the edge of the inviting Lucae fountain. With 17 meters in diameter, the basin offers plenty of scope, so that the 120 tons of Reiner Reuther of granite can almost forget, how the Berlin architect Richard Lucae (1829-1877) - designed and, in 1880, inaugurated the Opera Ensemble was after the Second world war in debris and ash.

Non-rubber tree, but Magnolia

What is the Italian high Renaissance has been, today attracts more people than the only a couple of hundred meters away place, you to celebrate 2008, the life work of the honorary citizen of François Mitterrand modeled. In my Swabian home of the future French state lived President in time of war, captivity, therefore, the husband already for a long time, my sympathy had to know, since I Frankfurt place, even more. Bright and friendly, stash house, waste site, toilet replacement should be between the Bank and the station quarter, attracting previously "negative":.

If the minimum maintenance, Anti-skate and Anti-Graffiti protection is important, is to expect no safety, as it had the city planners of this stone heart wished for piece, apparently. The seat cushion is made of concrete, I have never seen anyone "stay", although I cycle every day passing, the part of the concept, such as the secure screw-hole plates, with which the planting areas are covered. The fear of anything that could be used by "other purposes", must have been enormous, so each cemetery exudes more joy of life than this construct of concrete, Basalt, and stainless steel. Twelve raised beds belong to the Plan, the evergreen magnolias, lost in it terribly.

Over the years I had kept it smooth for rubber trees, the dark sheen of its leaves is totally wrong interpreted. To me one summer, great, more white than yellow flowers stood out. A miracle, I thought, and so discovered the Magnolia grandiflora, which planted a lot of splendor fuller place in Porto, but is actually in the temperate southeastern United States home. The "Native American Ethnobotany" lists it as a medicinal plant of the Coushatta and Choctaw, which leads from the Main to the Mississippi river, and still further to the South, where native Americans in times of Covid-19, which means "Ní neart go cur le chéile" or simply Irish gratitude.

Updated Date: 29 June 2020, 09:21

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