Japan Stretikräfte: men are so awkward

"the right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized." So the crucial phrase in article 9, the "peace article" of the Japanese Constitution of 194

Japan Stretikräfte: men are so awkward

"the right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized." So the crucial phrase in article 9, the "peace article" of the Japanese Constitution of 1946 is. Depending on the interpretation of this provision by Japan were so-called self-defense forces ("Self-Defense Forces", SDF) as a paradox of the military, this should not be a metamorphosis in terms of self-understanding, goal, and composition. The erosion of the peace article was the careers associated with the gradual Opening-up of the armed forces for women. After the legalization of the armed forces by the law on the self-defense forces of 1954 had the effect of women, first in nursing, management, and communication. Initiatives for the promotion of women were also living in the military profession, the equality act of 1986 and to the UN Resolution 1325, which is based on the "National action plan on women, peace and security" of 2015. Today, almost all of the positions for women are apart of the units in which the service is deemed to be too dangerous for potential mothers, to be open.

Fumika Sato and Nora Weinek describe in their essay, "The Benevolent' Japan Self-Defense Forces and Their Utilization of Women" in the "Hitotsubashi Journal of Social Studies" (volume 51, 2020) feminism and militarism as false friends. So there are reasons for the recruitment of women and promotion of women beyond the equal is the credo: you were recruited for a charm offensive, as their strategic double objective, the author determined the normalization of the military and a neo-liberal ideology. The source material of the study are historic recruitment posters.

Thus, recruitment posters of the seventies pictures of jovial friendship between Civilians and the military show away from war and danger. If since the eighties, and female members of the military are shown to be popular trio with a female member of the ground, naval and air forces, so the promises of the intra-military marriage market signal, the beauties of male candidates. Time in accordance with the cartoon aesthetics tells of recent recruitment poster of the dream as a soldier heroine of the Anime will be adventure. In Movie-Clips prices barracks, distant Pop-stars "is a work that can only be done here", to.

The new humanity, of a post-national defense

The study highlights a selective Empowerment, the phrases such as "Womenomics" and "proactive pacifism" are. The "right to collective self-defense", to legitimize, in the case of an attack on allies whose support, as well as the rescue of own nationals from conflict zones, was declared on the press conferences of the Ministry of defence with pictures of helpless Japanese girls velvet babies. The SDF published the Comic "Manga-Style Defense of Japan in 2017," revealed deficits in terms of equality, what ranks and capacities of female and male SDF members.

Japan proportion of women in the armed forces is lagging behind with 6.5 percent, the Nato average of 11.1 percent. In 2017, launched by the Ministry of defence, a new advertising campaign to summon a feminine future. The official Video to "promote the active engagement of female members of the SDF" by 2018 was calculated according to the assessment of the author as well on the outside effect how to Plan an air show of fighter pilots in the framework of the program of the provisionally suspended Olympic games from Tokyo.

Today, peacekeeping missions and disaster form the core of the global "new humanity," a post-national defense. However, missions abroad, in which Japan participates since 1992, supportive, give birth to neo-colonial encounters, in which the "enlightened States" (Noam Chomsky) the child-like feminine other right and freedom. The authors characterize the in foreign missions in Iraq or in Africa, to make Peace soldiers, which play an important role in the communication with the Locals to play, the image of the "warrior-princess of peace".

Updated Date: 16 August 2020, 17:20

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