Sociology of nudity: The Gaffer on the beach

There are social situations that can be experienced as a "casual". On the beach or on a summer festival there is, unlike in the office and in the courtroom, n

Sociology of nudity: The Gaffer on the beach

There are social situations that can be experienced as a "casual". On the beach or on a summer festival there is, unlike in the office and in the courtroom, no formal roles or processes established. This is not to say, however, that there are no rules. Also at a Party, one has an idea of what others expect – for example, in a good mood. Where a clear lack of rules, is attributed to the Actions of a person. It is precisely because there is no compulsion for a good mood, it is treated as an expression of personal self-expression. The same Action can therefore be interpreted differently depending on whether it appears as the enforcement of rules, or as an expression of a separate decision. Who the beach in the Nude, the covers, makes no statement about how presentable your body is. The case is different if nudity is allowed, but not mandatory.

At most of the beaches, scanty clothing has long been considered banal and under moral, if not always aesthetic sign is not a problem. But also can not trust a woman, the stores also still in the shell, to the fact that it is thus the object of sexual interests? How is it possible that a naked breast appears on the beach a problem? With this question, the French sociologist Jean-Claude Kaufmann in a study, which could be read as a guide for the visit to the beach, but above all as an exemplary analysis of social beach-order.

a businessman and his Team surveyed the mid-nineties, on the beaches of Brittany and Normandy, around three hundred people on the topic of "Topless". With your questions, you came to the surprise and partially in denial. Some of it was embarrassing, to talk of many but simply banal, on the subject. This attitude, however, is already a Central Element of the social Beach: The banalization of code that it "make all", is led by the women in order to legitimize their Actions, while the men have to justify your apparent lack of interest. However, the information, you see, "at the sight of a breast, only its invisibility", merely represents the communicative interface of the Beach.

Sexual interests are moved to the Background, by the area of legitimate nudity is limited: "Everyone can do what he wants, but not everything is permitted." The boundaries between the Permitted and the forbidden refer to spaces, behaviors, and Aesthetics. Already in the choice of a complicated Balance between proximity and distance is expected to be: Who wants to be at the top without being in the sun, looking for a place in a tolerant environment. To indicate this tolerance over the Past, to choose his place neither too close, because that would be Intrusive, nor too far away, because this could be interpreted to mean that one takes offense.

tolerance to the Past

The sexual motive is suspected, is distributed symmetrically: The men are suspected of voyeurism, the scantily-clad women and a Penchant for exhibitionism. Men are therefore encouraged to restrict their gaze to the interest of lots of well-liked, to deny to any communication of intention. But also the behavior of women is subject to strict criteria: Too much movement is considered offensive, because it draws attention to itself and to the body. The flat Lie and the relaxed walk to the water to be classified as harmless. To play with the unclothed chest of Beach Volleyball as a provocation is felt against it.

The standards of correct behaviour to be made of the Aesthetic-dependent. There is, as a merchant, a "dictatorship of the beautiful Gulf of Finland" and it is stigmatized is to be Criticized, and not only of men, the exposure of Breasts, the volume, strength or height to complicate it, over you to watch. The "beautiful bosom" is, paradoxically, the one that looks the least. This means especially that Topless, at any age, instead of in prison. However, there was among the respondents understood that straight, who is sexually attractive, in the Gestures and movements of the back should keep. The visitors to the beach to wear with these rules, the fact that the perception can be socially hard to control. Therefore, the normalization is to regulate the occasions for illegitimate attention.

Date Of Update: 30 June 2020, 22:19

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