AI: US-EU 'code of conduct' 'in coming weeks'

AI code on track

AI: US-EU 'code of conduct' 'in coming weeks'

AI code on track. Europe and the United States intend to implement a joint draft "code of conduct" on artificial intelligence. This would be open to democratic countries and would apply voluntarily to the sector. An announcement that comes at the very time when several major countries are brandishing the threat of regulation.

"In the coming weeks, we will present a draft code of conduct on artificial intelligence," said European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager, during a joint press conference in Sweden with the head of US diplomacy. Anthony Blinken. It will be about "establishing voluntary codes of conduct that would be open to all like-minded countries," he said, as Westerners fear letting China lead the way.

The idea is to have "very, very soon" a final proposal on which companies in the sector, dominated by American giants, such as Microsoft, Meta or Google, "can voluntarily commit", specified the European commissioner. In the presence of the founder of the revolutionary chatbot ChatGPT Sam Altman, the issue of AI was one of the main topics of a meeting of the Council for Commerce and Technology (CCT) in Luleå, in the north of Sweden.

The body was created in 2021 between the Twenty-Seven and Washington to turn the page on the trade disputes of the Trump years. "The EU and the US share the common view that artificial intelligence technologies bring great opportunities but also pose risks to our societies," the two major powers said in a final statement.

The European Union (EU) wants to be the first in the world to adopt a complete and mandatory legal framework to limit the excesses of artificial intelligence, but its entry into force will not happen before the end of 2025. China has also regulatory projects, including a "safety inspection" of artificial intelligence tools.

As for Washington, despite numerous discussions, no mandatory project is currently on the table. Americans and Europeans fear that Chinese standards will be imposed if the West does not unite. A Euro-American roadmap under the CCT should "identify the standards and tools for trustworthy AI", the EU and the United States stressed on Wednesday.