Bad Science – Ensuring We Keep Things Simple

Science is based on facts, and if we tend to ignore them, science loses its essence

Bad Science – Ensuring We Keep Things Simple

Science is based on facts, and if we tend to ignore them, science loses its essence. Bad science is what happens when we improperly apply scientific facts to our normal lives, and deduce facts that aren’t right. Interestingly, with the spread of news media, misleading and fake news items have become a problematic affair.

It is important for us to make the right decisions and not fall prey to fake news. If you are looking at a new resource like sugarhouse casino , check the authenticity of the news first before believing it. 

You might love playing online games with a Pennsylvania lottery bonus code, but how do you know that the online site you are using is trustworthy?

Have you ever wondered how media provides misleading news? For instance, one day it might prove alcohol consumption is very harmful and all of its negative impacts. The next day, it might assert and tell a story listing some of the benefits of its consumption.

Ben Goldacre, an author, and British physician wrote a book criticizing as to what he calls bad science as funnily and humorously. In this book, he says all the cosmetic manufacturers, homeopathy, who claim their products to be effective are manipulating the results. He says we need to know what is bad science and the ability to detect it.

This book is a really good guide to read and get to know of the bad science and to overcome it. It talks about how nutritionist and doctors who claim to cure vitamins and autism can cure some of the incurable diseases like AIDS by vaccination. Hence, all those conscious about their health should give a hand on reading and understand the concept.

The Different Ways how Fake News Affect Us

Politicians distort facts by misusing evidence. However, we can deal with it, if we can adopt policies and trials to find out whether they achieve the real outcome of what they aim for.

Then, we are misled by the journalists. They give us misleading information sometimes of medicines hiding the real truth and facts. We must know to make the right choices.

All scientific studies and researches are not as reliable as they seem to be; they cannot be believed so easily. There are very few scientific studies that prove to be true based on their experiments and trials they make. While there are scientific research papers issued annually which in majority provide a valid finding as well. There are many consequences of bad science, unfortunately.

Reasons behind bad science

Here is why bad science happens.

  • Misconduct by the researchers
  • Poorly designed experiments

  • Poor research

  • The misinterpretation of the data either deliberately or accidentally.

Let's try to evaluate some of the reasons for bad science

  1. Unsupported conclusion

The study or research should have supported the conclusion to claim the truth of the outcome.

2. Sample size problems

   The results would be smaller of trails in a smaller sample size.

3. Unreplicable results

    By independent research results should be replicable and tested over a wide range of conditions.

Date Of Update: 06 February 2019, 02:38

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