Fighting Bipolar Disorder with CBD – This is what research says

Recent statistics about the bipolar disorder show that this is a complex condition which affects about 2.6% of the United States’ population

Fighting Bipolar Disorder with CBD – This is what research says

Recent statistics about the bipolar disorder show that this is a complex condition which affects about 2.6% of the United States’ population. The symptoms of bipolar disorder can lead to life-altering effects among those diagnosed. They can also bring about some unique challenges to the loved ones of people suffering from the condition.

After combining medication and therapy, most people having the bipolar disorder can live healthy and functional lives. All the same, finding the correct treatment plan might be a continuing process. It is for this reason why medical researchers constantly study potential treatments with an aim to get new as well as effective solutions. In the past few years, the spotlight turned on one natural compound which was believed to treat bipolar disorder. The compound is none other than CBD.

Overview of Cannabinoid

Cannabinoids are essentially compounds which are found in the cannabis plant. This plant has more than 480 compounds but only 80 of them are regarded to as cannabinoids. The main cannabinoids of the cannabis plant however are CBD and THC. It is the THC compound which will cause the mind-altering effects. CBD on the other hand is normally attributed to so many health benefits among them pain relief.

Overview of Bipolar Disorder?

We begin by having an overview of the bipolar disorder. Sometimes it is called the “manic-depressive illness”. It is basically a brain disorder which causes some unusual shifts in moods, energy, the activity levels, and also the ability to perform the day-to-day tasks. The dramatic shifts commonly referred to as mood episodes are classified into manic & depressive states. The sudden mood changes linked to bipolar disorder might make it hard for patients to retain jobs, maintain their personal relationships, and also lead fulfilling lives. People with bipolar disorders can engage in very risky behaviors amid the manic episodes. To the extreme, they can consider suicide amid the depressive episodes. This therefore makes the establishment of effective treatment programs important for their wellbeing.

CBD products and their Health benefits

There are so many CBD products nowadays ranging from CBD drops, CBD edibles and cannabis cream. Some of the best CBD cream for pain include hemp cream for pain and CBD pain relief rub just to name a few. Below are some of the health benefits you get after using these products:

  • Chronic pain and inflammation relief
  • It calms epilepsy
  • Lowers anxiety and depression
  • Lowers oxidative stress
  • Aids the treatment of heart conditions
  • Fighting multi-drug resistant bacteria
  • Help to treat schizophrenia

Positive Outcome of research revolving CBD and Bipolar Disease

Some research did not find any harmful effect after using marijuana for health benefits. Examples are as follows:

  • Low mental impairment with better moods –a study which was published in 2016revealed that people with the bipolar disorder never experienced mental impairment after using CBD. Critics of marijuana use however attribute it to affecting memory and thinking capacity which did not hold for this study. People who used CBD for bipolar disorder also reported better moods.
  • Mood enhancement and positive outlook –a study in 2015 found out that people with the bipolar disorder got mood enhancement. It is however important to note that the research is in its preliminary stages. Also, CBD affects everyone in a very different way so it is not a guarantee that using CBD will help with bipolar disorder.

Negative Outcome of research revolving CBD and Bipolar Disease

Some researchers discovered that the use of CBD on people with bipolar disorder actually caused worst effects. Here are some examples:

  • Triggering manic episodes –according to a research published in 2015 revealed that using CBD might worsen the condition by triggering manic episodes. Additionally, it showed that CBD could worsen the depressive and manic symptoms of this condition.
  • Rising rates of suicide attempts –according to a study, suicide attempts were so many among people using CBD to curb the bipolar disorder. Researchers however said that the effects of CBD on early onset and the suicide rate was not clear.


Even though the bipolar disorder affects only a small percentage of people, it leads to difficult and life-changing effects among patients together with their families. As doctors look for the most effective cure for that condition, CBD gives a new avenue to study and treat the condition in the near future. The FDA Regulations however are very strict and that is why research is recommended about CBD products. It is also advisable that you go through reviews on different websites. This will give you the real image where customers record the real-world results after using these products.

Final Words

25 is the common age when one becomes susceptible to the bipolar disorder. This however occurs at a very low frequency among teens and kids. This condition is also likely to affect both men and women. The severity of its symptoms might vary greatly since there are those who manage this condition effectively using medication and therapy. On the other hand, there are those people who suffer from the episodes of psychosis including hallucinations or delusions.

It is not yet clear about the cause of bipolar disorder but scientists agree that combining different risk factors is the main player. The factors can include structural and functional abnormalities of the brain, family history of some relatives with the disorder and even genetic predisposition. Although a cure is yet to be found, CBD has a bunch of promises in the coming years.

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