“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” on Netflix: “Its place is in a museum!”

“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” on Netflix: “Its place is in a museum!”

Third (and best?) Part of the saga of the most famous archaeologist in cinema, Junior “Indiana” Jones, Spielberg's “The Last Crusade” is a Tintin-style adventure, funny and thrilling, with the royal participation as a bonus. by Sean Connery. Available on Netflix, pending the fifth installment in 2022 ...

Our review of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

The father of Indiana Jones, a venerable medievalist as competent as he is wacky, mysteriously disappears in Venice, while on the trail of the Holy Grail. His adventurer son sets out to find him… Forty years after his birth, we taste an Indiana Jones adventure as we reread an old Tintin album, worn out, horny: with an intact pleasure. Steven Spielberg's saga defies all weariness, because it offers an inventive, funny and thrilling game, full of traps and surprises, as much as a spectacle: immerse yourself in this Venetian crypt, decipher the enigma of the Grail Knights, use all your cunning to get out of this Nazi-infested Bavarian castle ...

In short, so many exploits of which you are the hero. “I always think of the audience,” says Steven Spielberg, “I AM the audience. It's as if the film I was making had the audience as its director. Here, the spectator-player had at his disposal a new pawn, particularly pleasing: Mr. Jones Sr., interpreted with elegance and malice by Sean Connery. A double, an overwhelming role model, and even a love rival for her son. With Harrison Ford, he indulges in an irresistible oedipal ping-pong: how to kill the father while saving him, wonders the unfortunate "Indy", scolded and greedy like a 10-year-old kid. Spielberg maliciously prides himself on psychoanalysis, with humor and happiness breaks a taboo in the land of mythical adventurers: no family, never ties. It's funny and new: who imagines Tintin "scolded" by his dad? A delight.

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