Manmade mini-star is a "fantastic accomplishment" in the quest for unlimited clean energies to combat climate change

London - Scientists in the United Kingdom made a breakthrough in the creation of electricity by nuclear fusion. They believe that this breakthrough has allowed them to tap an unlimited source for clean power, with no greenhouse gases, in just a few decades.

Manmade mini-star is a "fantastic accomplishment" in the quest for unlimited clean energies to combat climate change

Nuclear fusion, which is the opposite to nuclear fission and the technology used in today's nuclear power plants all over the globe, is what nuclear fusion does. Fission is a process that breaks down particles to make energy. Fusion is a force that combines particles. It can be done safely with less radioactive material, and at a lower risk of being injured.

Although fusion has not been achieved in a way that generates enough electricity for the clean power supply they envision, scientists say it would be unfair to the planet and humanity to not continue pushing for it.
CBS News reported that Fusion has the potential to solve or contribute to the energy problem... in a compatible manner with maintaining our planet's health. Dr. Ambrogio Fasoli is a physics professor who was also chair of the international research group that made the breakthrough. It would be completely immoral in human history not to exploit it.

What was the breakthrough?

Fasoli's U.K.-based JET laboratory team made a tiny star. They used magnetic fields to keep it together for five seconds. It produced only enough electricity to boil 60 teapots of water.

Fasoli claimed that the 60 teapots of energy produced were amazing because they validated design choices for a larger reactor currently being built in France.

ITER is an international multi-decade project that has been managed by 35 countries including the United States of America, Russia, China and Russia. Scientists believe that it will be a model for sustainable and global commercialization of nuclear power when it is completed.

Fasoli stated, "A planetary problem must be approached with a global approach." This scientific, amazing achievement shows that science and technology can overcome any political obstacles. All of us work together. We all work together, regardless of political affiliation... In the end, the goal is for the benefit of all mankind."

Fasoli stated that he expects the ITER project will be complete by 2050 and that scientists would be able to design a commercial demo fusion reactor in collaboration with the private sector.

Although it may seem far away, harnessing the power and potential of stars on Earth is not something that was likely to happen.

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