The Trailer for 'Many Saints Of Newark' Debuts the First Look at the 'Sopranos Prequel

It's been over a decade since viewers last saw Tony Soprano enjoying onion rings with his family as he listened to "Don't Stop Believing", before the screen was abruptly turned black.

The Trailer for 'Many Saints Of Newark' Debuts the First Look at the 'Sopranos Prequel

The legendary mob boss from "The Sopranos," Tony, is back in " The Many Saints of Newark," which is a prequel to HBO's HBO series. It focuses on Tony's early years and his close relationship Dickie Moltisanti (the father of Michael Imperioli’s Christopher Moltisanti). A new trailer for "The Many Saints of Newark" features Tony or his teenage version. It dropped Tuesday. He's played by Michael Gandolfini (the son of James Gandolfini , who died in 2013).

The trailer is two minutes long and changes. It begins with James Gandolfini's narration. Tony's younger self beats up a friend to show his hair-trigger temper. "When I was young, guys like myself were taught to follow codes," Tony explains.

Vera Farmiga plays Livia Soprano in the role of Livia, a middle-aged woman who seems to have channeled Nancy Marchand's destructive parenting. Livia is told by a guidance counselor that her son has an extremely high intelligence. She responds, "You can't prove that...he's got D-plus average."

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Alessandro Nivola's Dickie is also shown, giving us our first glimpse of him. He mentors Tony just like Tony did for Christoper (at the least, until things get worse ). Tony is worried that Dickie will offer him some "hot speakers", and he may not accept the gift.

Dickie advises, "You take both the speakers at once, and you think, 'This is the last time that I'm ever going steal anything.'" It's so simple.

Long-time viewers of "The Sopranos," know how Tony would have followed that advice throughout six seasons of criminality. Alan Taylor, who has previously directed several episodes of "The Sopranos", produced "The Many Saints of Newark". The film is set against the backdrop of Newark riots which are shown in the trailer. It focuses on a new crop of gangsters that challenge the DiMeo crime families control over the Jersey underworld.

The spot features a great cover of Bob Dylan's "Gotta serve Somebody," with telling lyrics that blend in avarice, Catholic guilt, and a few lines from "The Sopranos"' unforgettable theme, "Woke Up This Morning", by Alabama.

The film will be available in theaters on October 1 and on HBO Max on October 2. It will also stream on HBO Max for 31 days after its theatrical debut. This is in line with recent Warner Bros. films like "In the Heights" or "Wonder Woman 1984," both of which used a hybrid distribution strategy that was a COVID-era concession.

Nivola Farmiga, Gandolfini and Farmiga are just a few of the many saints of Newark's cast.

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