Vaccine study on mice: Vaccination patch is more effective than injection

When you think of a vaccination, you automatically think of an injection.

Vaccine study on mice: Vaccination patch is more effective than injection

When you think of a vaccination, you automatically think of an injection. But there are a number of other options. The outstanding effect of a vaccine patch against Covid-19 in mice not only makes experts sit up and take notice.

Plaster on, done! Vaccination patches could be much more effective in the fight against the corona virus than conventional vaccinations through injections. This was determined by a research team from the University of Queensland in Australia after studying mice. The researchers tested the Covid-19 vaccine Hexapro Sars-CoV-2 using the so-called high-density microarray patch (HD-MAP) - a technology from the Brisbane-based biotechnology company Vaxxas. This is a carrier that can absorb a high density of active ingredients and is applied to the skin like an ordinary plaster.

"We found that vaccination via a patch was approximately 11 times more effective in controlling the omicron variant than the same vaccine administered via a needle," said study leader Christopher McMillan, according to a statement from the University of Queensland. The animals immunized in this way showed strong neutralization against all tested variants, including Delta and Omicron, experts write in the journal Vaccine, where the results of the study were published. This happens because the vaccine uses the patch to penetrate the layers of skin that have high numbers of immune cells, McMillan said. Not the vaccine, but the patch is therefore significantly more effective in combating the omicron variant of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus than conventional vaccinations with syringes.

Based on the initial results and the great potential of the vaccine patch, the researchers also tested other vaccines. These were administered using the patch method. Similar results were also obtained. "To date, every type of vaccine we've tested with the patch... has elicited a superior immune response compared to traditional needle vaccination methods," McMillan said.

"Patch technology has the potential to become a new and more effective weapon in our arsenal at a time when new variants are emerging at a rapid pace through mutation," said David Muller, who was involved in the study. In addition, the patch vaccinations are not only more effective, but also much easier to administer than vaccines that have to be injected. The research team insists that traditional vaccines are still an effective way to combat serious illnesses and diseases caused by this virus.

According to their own statements, both the researchers and the manufacturer Vaxxas are aiming for further investigations and large-scale clinical studies on the vaccine patch. The Hexapro Covid-19 patch has "groundbreaking potential to help nations better respond to global health emergencies such as the current and future pandemics," said David Hoey, CEO of Vaxxas. The construction of an initial manufacturing facility in Brisbane aims to accelerate the transition to commercialization of both the HD-MAP vaccine candidate and the Hexapro Covid-19 patch.

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