Hurricane Maria, Latest live news

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Hurricane Maria, Latest live news
Learn More thus and s the trajectory of Hurricane Mary Mary and Joseph won't ' dance ' the Fujiwhara effect Maria ruins thousands of homes in Puerto Rico The powerful hurricane Maria has recovered the category of intensity 3 — of a MA Ximo de 5 — near the eastern end of the Dominican Republic, with winds up to 185 kilometres per hour, reports the U.S. National Hurricane Center. At 9.00 local time in the Dominican Republic, the eye of Mary is located 230 kilometers from Punta Cana and 270 kilometres southeast of the great Turkish Island (Turks and Caicos Islands) and was advancing at a speed of 15 kilometres per hour in a northwest direction. Maria impacted Wednesday with strength yesterday in Puerto Rico, leaving the whole island without electricity and causing at least one dead. Puerto Rico raises nine the deadly victims of Mary after the death of a person in Guadeloupe and seven in Dominica, where the hurricane hit Monday with Category 5. Click on the photo location of Hurricane Maria, after leaving Puerto Rico in northwest direction, in the Caribbean Sea. Efe

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