MACRI sweeps in legislative elections

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MACRI sweeps in legislative elections
Learn More Argen Tina decides if he delivers all the power to MACRI "I don't know if Macri came to stay, but poverty did" Argentina went to the polls. In these mid-term elections he renewed seats in the Argentine Parliament and drew the political map in the face of the presidential elections of 2019. The Macrismo swept the ballot box, with ample triumphs in the main electoral districts, such as Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Santa Fé, Entre Rios and Santa Cruz, a bastion of kirchnerism. In Buenos Aires, MACRI's candidate for the Senate, Esteban Bullrich, drew more than four points of advantage to Cristina Kirchner, who will now fight to erect as leader of the opposition. So we tell you in the country:

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