3 Bold Predictions To Watch For The Remainder Of The NFL Season

We’ve officially entered the second half of the 2021 NFL season, which means, every single move on the field now counts more than ever

3 Bold Predictions To Watch For The Remainder Of The NFL Season

We’ve officially entered the second half of the 2021 NFL season, which means, every single move on the field now counts more than ever. For example, whoever had the Ravens beating the Dolphins probably should check their NFL stats for the foreseeable future, although in all fairness, it’s ok to believe that nobody thought the Dolphins would be able to beat Baltimore. What this goes to prove is that the second half of the NFL season will surely be packed with thrills, unexpected turns and surprises left and right.

With all this said now, what could the NFL fans truly expect from what’s left of the 2021 NFL regular season? For example, WITH OBJ and Von Miller joining the Rams, is it safe to say that nobody is going to want to face LA anymore? Which teams that are not in their prime right now might end up putting on a surprising run to claim a postseason spot? How far will the Cowboys go? There are many questions to be answered, so here are our picks for three bold predictions fans should watch for in the remainder of the NFL’s regular season.

The Tennessee Titans Will Make It To The Super Bowl

It’s time to start giving the Tennessee Titans some very well-deserved recognition for what they can do, even without their star-running back Derick Henry on the field. If you look at the teams they’ve already beaten throughout the regular season, it reads like a who’s who of potential playoff teams. They’ve taken down the Colts twice, to truly show who runs the AFC South, but with that not being enough they’ve routed the Chiefs, Bills, and Rams along the way as well. Given they did lose against the Jets, but hey, since when does losing against the Jets count as a reason to worry, when you have a team that plays so well?

The Titans are the best team in the AFC, and from the looks of it and how much legendary RB Adrian Peterson can help the team while Henry continues to get better, it’s safe to say that beating the Titans will be something very hard to do as the season progresses. The kicker to all of this, and why I honestly do believe that the Titans will make it to the Super Bowl representing the AFC is that according to team doctors, Derick Henry should be able to come back to the team right as the playoffs begin. Now yes, Tennessee usually shines best through their team efforts, but let’s not joke around here, when Derick Henry is on the field for the Titans, the offense lives and breathes through what he can do, and Henry can do plenty. It’s very clear that once Henry comes back, he’ll be coming to devour whoever stands in his way, so yeah, remember this, because we might even get a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIV between the Rams and Titans from how everything is shaping up.

Not The Bucs, Packers, or Rams, But Dallas Will Take The NFC’s No.1 Seed

When the season first started, there was some hype around the Cowboys, but not necessarily enough to believe that they would be in contention for the NFC’s No.1 seed for the postseason. Yet, here we are and while other teams in the NFC like the Buccaneers, Packers, Rams, and Cardinals have been putting up very strong seasons, if there’s one thing in common with all those teams, is that nobody wants to be the ones to have to face the Cowboys in the postseason. Why is that? Not just the offense, or just the defense, but the all-around feel this team is giving off, especially when all of their main pieces come together and find their groove.

Dak Prescott’s return to the lineup after missing most of last season with an injury has proven to be one of the main sources of inspiration for this team to pick up and become a true danger. Yes, Prescott has slipped here and there, but in general, this team is a scoring machine, and keeping them down is becoming harder and harder for opposing defenses. But, since we’re talking about defenses, how about that Cowboys defensive line?

Whoever gave Jerry Jones the idea of drafting LB Micah Parsons and DT Osa Odighizuwa in this season’s draft should get a raise, a bonus, vacations, the whole package. Even with the departure of Jaylon Smith and the injury that has sidelined edge DeMarcus Lawrence, Parsons and Odighizuwa have become two of the best new defender in the league. Cornerback Trevon Diggs is playing the best football in his career and once Kelvin Joseph is back and fully ready to take off he will be the perfect pairing for Diggs to dominate with. Do you know how they say that defenses win championships? Well this Cowboys defense by itself could end up being the main reason as to how far along Dallas will go this season.

LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp Will Break The Receiving Yards Record

Did you guys see that Odell Beckham Jr. joined the LA Rams? Ok, now that we got over that, let’s talk about the best receiver in the league, who happens to also play for the Rams, and who is well on his way to breaking the all-time season receiving yards record, held by one Calvin “Megatron” Johnson since 2012. As of right now, the record stands at 1,964 yards, but with the added factor that this season has an extra game, and taking into account that hopefully Kupp doesn’t get injured along the way, it’s hard to imagine that he won’t break that record.

New Rams QB Matthew Stafford has found in Kupp his perfect ally on offense, targeting him the most throughout the season, and even with OBJ joining the team, I don’t honestly see him taking too many targets away from Kupp, because if it ain’t broken, why try to fix it? Experts have said that at the rate that Kupp is going, he would finish out the season just under 1,930 yards, but given how explosive this man can be, especially when he and Stafford are in synch, it’s easier to see him breaking the record than falling short.

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