3 red cards, 4 aims and without temperatures - Derry and Drogheda's most memorable match?

Looking back to the nighttime 8 guys nearly humiliated Derry City

3 red cards, 4 aims and without temperatures - Derry and Drogheda's most memorable match?

Derry City and Drogheda United were included in a few of the most exhilarating FAI Cup ties of this previous decade after they met at United Park back in 2014.

It was a night of play from first whistle to the past as City were quite almost embarrassed by a Drogheda group that ended the game with 8 guys.

The quarterfinal game happened on September 12, together with City expecting to achieve their next FAI Cup final in 3 decades.

Drogheda's pleasure at equalising during Alan McNally ten minutes afterwards was tempered with a red card to Peter McGlynn, together with all the hosts facing the possibility of playing with ten men for more than one hour.

It got worse to Drogheda since they were subsequently reduced to eight men, together with Shane Grimes attract red carded early in the second half.


The Chocolate Stripes knocked relentlessly in the Drogheda doorway however, the goal just wouldn't come. It was utter despair for City who totally dominated by their numerical advantage.

It was all or nothing with only five minutes remaining, midfielder Philip Lowry was at the perfect place at the ideal moment to volley Derry degree.

The play was far from completed nonetheless as Drogheda were subsequently reduced to eight guys with Gavin Holohan getting his marching orders. It appeared certain that Derry could discover a winner in the time remaining, however, the hosts held on to establish a playoff in the Brandywell only four days after.

City won the playoff 5-0, with Rory Patterson scoring a hat tip along with Michael Duffy and Patrick McEleney also scoring.

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