Bernie: Lewis conceded never more than 50 million! View

The formula 1 grid, so the first GP on the 5. July in Spielberg contrary. It's only the money is now clear. In addition to the formula 1, formula 2 and formula

Bernie: Lewis conceded never more than 50 million! View

The formula 1 grid, so the first GP on the 5. July in Spielberg contrary. It's only the money is now clear. In addition to the formula 1, formula 2 and formula 3 and the Porsche Supercup may occur in the framework programme. Here, too, the GP Management conceded. That increases the security risk, once again, about 200 people, does not seem to be interested in. For you to move around and crams more of a media Plan the number of representatives of the press.

caution, transport costs!

the first of eight races on paper are backed up There, you want to now in Europe, to Monza (6. September), attachments, or race. Imola, Mugello and two races in Sochi, Russia, are on the program. As a last resort could still be driven in Hockenheim. Overseas, only Bahrain and Abu Dhabi are actually "safe". Japan and Singapore are canceled, and who wants to go to China? Austin stands in front of the Bust, because you want to flirt back with Indianapolis. The Rest of it is afraid of the now, due to Corona three times as high transportation costs.

Hamilton drives Silverstone

Already this week, Mercedes and Ferrari are their pilots in the home on the journey. You should get used to 2018er cars again in a Cockpit. With the old rubber what is allowed. On Monday, the last Alfa to begin in Hinwil-Clean-staff back to work. To survive there, all of the 500 employees? More than 600 to 700 people will be able to do that from 2021 no of the top teams because of the Budget ceiling (145 million dollars) more. Red Bull Boss Horner: "It will be a book holder, Cup!" And a wave of redundancies is inevitable.

Ecclestone: "the Golden times are over,"

We have selected for you five of the helmets, which are the Stars of the cancelled world Cup Start on may 15. March in Australia would have worn. Five questions on diving. For Hamilton, it now goes to the 7. World title – as Schumi. Yet the Briton has signed up for 2021. "Money Lewis not playing poker even. The estimated 50 million euros, he will never get any more. Since need to make in the future, all drivers big compromise. The Golden times are now definitely over", says Ex-GP Boss and Soon-to-be daddy Bernie Ecclestone (89).

Has Leclerc the right car?

For Ferrari, the future is only Charles Leclerc (22). How good is he really?Alfa-Sauber team Manager Beat Zehnder (54) in the case of Motorsport Total: "I've always said that to me Charles by the Speed of Kimi and of the work setting to Schumi reminds. In the right car he will be world champion!“ The Monegasque was 2018 for the Swiss. At the time, he won the team match against Sweden's Marcus Ericsson with 39:9 points and was brought to you by Ferrari.

Vettel: "it Would not come back!"

For Sebastian Vettel, who is on the first day of qualifying at Spielberg, 33 years old, is clear: resignation or Mercedes. "If I go once, I can't get back!" In the case of the silver arrows, Toto Wolff (48) holds now almost alone, the transfer of the cards in his Hand. The Finns Kimi Räikkönen (40) from Baar, ZG, everything depends on his pleasure, whether he will hang 2021 still be a year off.

Max the Vettel-record?

For Max Verstappen, who won the last two Spielberg-race with the Red Bull, it now goes to a record. Only in 2020, he can still be the youngest world champion. That honor still belongs to Vettel, win the title in 2010, exactly 23 years and 134 days old. Verse will fall on the 30. September 23-years-old. Bull Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko: "Max has this year, actually, only one opponent – Hamilton."

Wins Russell in Baku?

the last two virtual race on the Fun calendar Before formula 1 returns to the reality, on Sunday in Baku and a week in Montreal. For the in of formula 1 with Williams-Mercedes points-free British George Russell (22), which is at Mercedes for 2021 on the top of the list, it's on Sunday from 19 o'clock in Azerbaijan, the hat-Trick after Spain and Monte Carlo. This time, eight current GP-pilot are in the process of Its Premiere Sergio Pérez in the Racing Point. Pierre Gasly will start for the first time in the Alpha Tauri. Among the favorites are the two consoles professional Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) and Alex Albon (Red Bull. Alfa-Clean Antonio Giovinazzi and Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois to start again. Switzerland represents Louis Delétraz in the Haas. Renault uses the French Manchester City Star Aymeric Laporte (26). As always, you are on the formula-1 channels on Youtube.

Updated Date: 12 June 2020, 12:49

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