Corona costs 20 million: The harmony rises in the iron

Eintracht Frankfurt wanted to attack in the new season, nothing will come of it. "We make in the summer, a full braking," said sporting Director Fredi Bobic o

Corona costs 20 million: The harmony rises in the iron

Eintracht Frankfurt wanted to attack in the new season, nothing will come of it. "We make in the summer, a full braking," said sporting Director Fredi Bobic on Wednesday and called at his final press conference Numbers that give the effects of the Corona of a pandemic on the business of his or her clubs again. 20 million euros revenue cost of the pandemic, the Association in the last three months of the season. "We wanted to hit the revenue mark of € 300 million, there are 280 million euros," said Bobic on an otherwise "economically outstanding year" with special revenue from the Europa League and the DFB Cup, a stadium utilisation of over 90 percent and a sold-out Offered in the Vip and Lodge area, as well as in sponsorship and Marketing.

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For the season 2020/21 Eintracht calculated only with a turnover of 140 million euros. The basis for the calculation is the assumption that in the calendar year 2020 shall no more spectators to the home games to the stadium and in the back round no entry restrictions for visitors to be there is.

The financial reserves that have been able to purchase the Eintracht last, are now inserted as intended, a part in the development of the playing squad, but in the coverage of the budget. "We will go down to zero", put it Bobic. Mean: Only when the harmony takes money in the transfer market, it again what. First no players will be sold and none is purchased. Bearable the Situation is the fact that the Hesse, a Federal League-grade license game squad feature: "coach Adi Hütter and I agree that we competitors are already capable of. But, of course, some tweaking would be desirable.“

Low purchase interest

Bobic is cautious with his assessment of how the football market will develop, because nobody knows how the pandemic will develop: "But I think the prices will drop, everyone will be careful." Of Concord it is relatively good: "We can see the effects of Corona elegant cushion than many of its competitors in the midfield of the table But the gap to the big Teams apart, goes even further.“ Bobic expected to be a glut on the market, especially if the professional leagues in England, Spain and Italy will be completed by the end of July game times: "Already, we are offered an incredible number of players when one or the other, we would strike like immediately. But we do not go in advance.“

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it would Also be to the professionals in the squad, not fair, to want to be with you on content to save, to pay, on the other hand, high transfer fees. For three months – from April to June had omitted the Concord professionals to 20 percent content. After their return from the holiday, the topic will be cuts in the face of continued revenue losses again.

There are, however, many professionals in the Eintracht squad, which is a strong buying interest. Of course, Filip Kostic, and then Evan Ndicka, Daichi Kamada, Martin Hinteregger, maybe a replacement goalie Frederik Rönnow. The Dane wants to leave the harmony, as he sees no Chance to supplant Kevin Trapp to the Position of number one. "I would very much like to see if Frederik remains. But I also want him to be happy,“ said Bobic, who is impressed by the progress Rönnows. "He has proven, as he has represented Trapp that he can do very well in the Bundesliga. And he is a good Boy.“ To forgive even though only a few jobs as a goalkeeper is, you can imagine the sports Board of the Eintracht, that offers, for the Danes are coming: "When the colleagues have a good look."

What is Kostic?

most likely a change from Kostic is. But as sure as his departure seemed to be in front of Corona, he is not a long time ago. "Filip feels very comfortable in Frankfurt. I can't assess whether a prominent club will come out and a proper release will offer.“ If this would happen, and Kostic wanted to go Hiking, would Bobic stand by his word and let him go. With this promise to him of the sports Board moved in last summer, had to stay, even a year after the storm trio Haller, Jovic and Rebic was gone. Necessarily kept Kamada to be. "He has exceptional skills," says Bobic. With his advisors he is in touch: "everything is on the table."

Date Of Update: 01 July 2020, 12:20

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