FSV Frankfurt: Training behind Fences

Who wanted to come in the Stadion am Bornheimer Hang on the Parking lot 2, next to the training ground, had to pass two checkpoints. In the first, a young man w

FSV Frankfurt: Training behind Fences

Who wanted to come in the Stadion am Bornheimer Hang on the Parking lot 2, next to the training ground, had to pass two checkpoints. In the first, a young man with a mask sat at a table and led diligently tally of the new arrivals. In front of him, no motorists were in line and showed your Parking ticket, but football fans of FSV Frankfurt on two legs. In times of Corona-pandemic, you wanted to experience the early Monday evening of the training start of the regional League team after months of abstinence from football up-close. And the Fans joined without hesitation in front of the unusual input, in order to make the bornheimer Hygiene and safety concept as required is sufficient.

Each of them had to fill in a registration form with his personal data; the fountain pen was still in the plastic packaging. In addition, each visitor was given a colored ribbon for his wrist – it signaled to him, at which of the marked tables, he was allowed to take place. However, before that, was waiting for him at the checkpoint two in about 30 meters distance. There, he gave the sign-in sheet with the given information again and put the pen back in a Box. The final point of the strict intake criteria, the disinfection of the hands formed.

A touch of festival mood

The kick-off after the forced break, pulsed at FSV Frankfurt in the Parking lot 2, the life. Normally, the cars of the visitors are here. But this time a hint of the people reigned in a festive mood, only without the music. The main program was formed by the microphone Interviews with coach Thomas Brendel and his players. On the stony ground, the club officials 18 beer tables set up with benches in two rows one behind the other. At each maximum of eight people allowed to sit with views of the playing surface. With fences and isolation belts, the paths were specified for all. Only when the FSV-trailers eat at the food stations and drink brought in, you had to put your Mouth guard. Managing Director Patrick Spengler reported that a few refused to give the Mouth guard. They had therefore no access to the event. The FSV was one of the first clubs in the state of Hesse, allowed for the training kick-off spectators.

In the Small was the to Start with around 120 spectators, a test run for the beginning of September, the beginning of the end of the regional League season, in which Bornheimer, according to the current state with at least 1280 spectators per home game schedule – the equivalent of approximately ten per cent of the audience overall capacity. For comparison: The average viewing figure was in the last round at just under 1400. The of frankfurters prepared with Hygiene and the concept of safety on the 22. August find on the final day of the Amateur for the first Time, application in practice.

As the first final participant in the Hessen Cup competition of the FSV to host the meeting – advertised as the opponent will be determined in mid – August between the FC and pour Steinbach Haiger. The required documents are received by the Hessian football Association (HFV) and the Frankfurt health office already. The Bornheimer would get the contract for the Hesse Cup final, attributed to Spengler, with a profit for both clubs and the HRV. As the winner of the game, Frankfurt a draw in the first main round of the DFB Cup. There is 120,000 euros would be safe after the deduction of € 40,000 for the participants of this year's Hessen Cup competition. Would add for the FSV, the achieved revenues. This Sunday will be drawn in the ARD from 18 at the first main round. "We will follow this with great interest," announced Association President Michael Görner.

Date Of Update: 22 July 2020, 05:20

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