Ferrari fiasco in formula 1: Vettel and Disoriented

they call him "Harry Potter", as if he could conjure up. But this is just a beautiful story. Mattia Binotto is wearing black round glasses and curly dark hair

Ferrari fiasco in formula 1: Vettel and Disoriented

they call him "Harry Potter", as if he could conjure up. But this is just a beautiful story. Mattia Binotto is wearing black round glasses and curly dark hair, but he exudes a touch of magic. Quite the contrary: Rarely is the team boss of Ferrari is so down in the dumps kicked in front of the television cameras on Sunday afternoon in Spielberg. "It hurts, it really hurts," said the fifty-year-old. The media round of the Teams in the evening was cancelled hand, instead, the Italians sent out a press release in the formula 1 world. The title: "A weekend to Forget".

Michael Wittershagen

Responsible for the Sport in the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

Just twenty seconds after the Start, Charles Leclerc was crashed with his Ferrari in the racing car of team-mate Sebastian Vettel, so that the carbon flew parts of the route. The German lost his rear wing at Monaco, was shot in front of the left rear wheel is a giant hole in the ground. The debt question was answered quickly, the agent was guilty. In the case of "Canal+," said Leclerc: "It was clearly my mistake, there is no discussion. Today I was an asshole, I can find no other word for it. In our Situation, we must take advantage of all the opportunities. Today I blew it.“

a week ago he had arranged with a second place in Austria for the big Surprise, but especially of three Safety Car interruptions, and penalties for competitive benefits.

Ferrari totter by the formula 1

The Ferrari with the model number SF1000 there is a lack of class, in the Dry he has too little engine power in the Wet too little drive. And the Team currently lacks cohesion and an idea of how the connection can be made to the top. "Red Disaster," wrote the "Gazzetta dello Sport" on the day after. "One thing is certain: Since the death of Ferrari's President Sergio Marchionne, the Scuderia seems to be disoriented," wrote "Tuttosport".

The present crisis is more than just a bad Phase. Ferrari totter by the formula 1 – and indeed, a lot has changed since Marchionne in July 2018 at the age of 66 of cancer is of paramount importance. Marchionne had trimmed the team with the hardness back on course in the direction of the world title. Thereafter, the internal power began to fight. The previous team boss Maurizio Arrivabene had to go, in the process, Marchionne has always been regarded as one of his advocates. However, John Elkann, heir to the powerful Italian Agnelli clan, and the new President of Fiat and Ferrari, made Arrivabene fall, and instead relied on Binotto, who was previously the head of the engine Department and then Technical Director.

It was a decision, not just a change on the Position of the team leaders meant by it changed the climate in the Team, the mindset of the mechanics, engineers and drivers. Where Arrivabene was, there was always a bit of Chaos, his English was strongly influenced by the Italian sing-song. But where Arrivabene was, as was often the good mood, and when the Team or a driver blew, then he stood protectively in front of it. As a man, as a wall nearly two meters tall, nearly 100 kg. Binotto is more of a cooler computer, he has a delicate voice, on Sunday, he said: "now is not the time for accusations. We need to get on with our job. Difficult moments bring out the Best in your people, and I'm sure we will prove it.“ As a Signal of the Upsurge, but the sounds. Also Binotto, it should be clear that it is also his Job.

formula 1 driver standings

Ferrari for Mercedes no longer enemies, Yes, even Red Bull, Racing Point, McLaren and Renault are currently faster. "You are, of course, beaten hard," said Mercedes head of Motorsport Toto Wolff: "We want a strong Ferrari, this is an incredible brand with hard-working people. We need Ferrari to the front in the fight with all the other great Teams.“ Because without a Team like Ferrari spends at least the world title as the season's goal, it is also for Mercedes still lonely at the top, as it was in past years.

Vettel is seeking the Positive

One versed in the soul life of the Scuderia, Ross Brawn, currently formula 1 sport Director and from 1997 to 2006 he was Technical Director at Ferrari. "I know from my own experience that the media pressure in Italy can be incredibly high. The responsible person must ensure that he arrives at your people,“ says the Briton. Because it'll take up again successes.: "you will not turn around overnight, it is a long way in front of you."

If a after the race in Spielberg went ahead, it was just that the man who has to leave the Team at the end of the season: Vettel was straight in front of the cameras, he was apprehended, and said: "We must ensure that we do not take us very down in order for us the get Up was so hard." But what role he plays in the Team? How much of a is heard, the is became four times world champion in his formula 1 career, but it will not be in a few months time history at Ferrari? And for the not-yet-once it is established that he has personally a future in the Premier class of Motorsport?

Date Of Update: 14 July 2020, 02:20

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