Football women: the price of The wolf Burger domination

The facial expression betrayed everything. Who are the players of SGS Essen after the end of the penalty shootout saw, the saw one thing above all: Empty. It wa

Football women: the price of The wolf Burger domination

The facial expression betrayed everything. Who are the players of SGS Essen after the end of the penalty shootout saw, the saw one thing above all: Empty. It was in the first Moment it is difficult to defeat, but also their own performance to classify it. The heard also, as Marina Hegering, the captain of the SGS, said in an Interview on the sidelines of the Cologne stadium: "It was the wrong team is on the podium."

On this podium, on which the Golden DFB-awaited Cup, were for the sixth Time in six years, the footballers of VfL Wolfsburg points. A team that is staffed on any Position with the national team and individual quality, as it is found not more than in any other team in Europe: in Lyon, which has won four times in a series the European Cup.

eat to lose substance

Although Marina Hegering showed later, but are still mild, and at the press conference admitted that "the right team is on the podium," confirmed the first reactions of the food inside a hollow feeling: that you have to shoot their defeat against Wolfsburg – 3:3 after 90 minutes, 5:7 after penalty somehow not meet felt. "Would have been awarded the Cup to the passion," said Hegering, "then we would have won."

she runs of for the coming season for Bayern Munich and is the only player that will leave the SGS Essen. An entire axis will break away to the club: in addition to Hegering also Shot Lena Oberndorf (Wolfsburg), wing player Turid Knaak (new club is still unknown) and a striker, Lea Schüller (Munich) to change the Association. They are all matured during their time with the food inside of the national team and took part in last year's women's world Cup in France. "We would have topped the Era with these girls with a title," said coach Markus Högner after the Cup final: "Now it is about to develop a new team with new talent."

It, one can only imagine how much the building work on the club from the Ruhr area, to be able to again in the final in Cologne can be reached. Of the upcoming season of the SGS will not be the only club in the women Bundesliga, Essen and SC Sand, fused with a license men's club or cooperates. The financial disadvantage is enormous. In the past two seasons, the SGS have lost four of their best players to the top clubs from Wolfsburg and Munich – despite good League placings. "For us, it is clear that we are not able national keep players for the long term. That is why we are now in a transitional phase. For this we need patience,“ said Markus Högner. And also managing Director Florian Zeutschler will not be afraid when looking into the future: "What we have seen in the Finale, was advertising for the SGS. If we continue to together then we will succeed also in the medium term, to develop new national game.“

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Disposals were taken into account, therefore, always: "I am not one of the people who complain, Wolfsburg and Munich, broke bought the League. These associations simply have more opportunities. We are even more delighted to be able to you with other means to challenge. It would have not missed much, to be able to at the end of the Cup finals, say: VfL Wolfsburg by the passion and the discipline to conquer.“

Wolfsburg desperately needs competition

This is the one side of the coin. The other, which also touched on VfL coach Stephan Lerch, did a little Optimistic for competition in women's football. The residue after twelve seconds by Lea Schüller, as well as the further Essen guide by game management was a "new Situation". It does not happen often that his Team "has to run after a residue. Since we had to stay cool,“ said Lerch.

In the time of the Essene leadership, the wolf faded Burger domination. Because the SGS is not held only with use against it, but bold and fearless occurred. It speaks for the strength of the VfL, that a few of the individual actions of players such as Pernille Harder enough to win the game. In order to prove himself, but permanently on a world-class level, it requires more than "the title on the line," as the Wolfsburg called their fourth Double in the series. It is competitive, requires a serious competition, Yes, the software also defeats, to achieve always the maximum Power.

Date Of Update: 05 July 2020, 13:19

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