Formula 1 Hungary: Hamilton floats away

A Triumph in Numbers: 90. Pole Position, eighth victory alone at the Hungaroring, 86. Grand Prix success, the fastest lap and a lap record at the Hungaroring. T

Formula 1 Hungary: Hamilton floats away

A Triumph in Numbers: 90. Pole Position, eighth victory alone at the Hungaroring, 86. Grand Prix success, the fastest lap and a lap record at the Hungaroring. That makes 26 points for Lewis Hamilton at the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday. That's about it. But the forecast leaves room: The world champion is after the second victory in the third formula-1-race prior to Max Verstappen in the Red Bull and Valtteri Bottas in the second Mercedes on the way, Michael Schumacher in this year as a record-breaking champion of the world obtain. "The car was fantastic," said Hamilton, and stroked verbally in his official car. Never a formula 1-Mercedes was stronger: "I am very happy to drive this car."

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Where is the Luck? For many years Sebastian Vettel was the lucky child of formula 1. At ease, fresh, happy, right, the youngest world champion in history. Since a couple of years, the four-time world champion has lost, what Champions holds in difficult moments at the top, kind of like the Bayern-Dusel. In the first Grand Prix of two weeks ago, started the season a miscalculation from the race in Austria, threw him. A week later, the highly esteemed team-mate Charles Leclerc shot, the edge in his Zeal. Celebration evening for Ferrari in the first round. Vettel, like to be impulsive, took the accident almost stoically. At the weekend he seemed to be well on the way, the unfortunate moments leave behind. For the second Time, faster in Qualifying, as the young Monegasque, the Ferrari for a new figurehead has chosen. At the Scuderia's past and future to each other, albeit in the midfield.

At the Start as both a space to the front of rank five (Vettel) and six to four, and five, in striking distance to the top – at least apparently. To initially wet runway, the performance advantage the Mercedes had a drives initially not as strong. A Chance for more, for an assault on the top? For a Moment, it looked like. But Ferraris prospect of better times, in these weeks of short duration, a minute of happiness. Because the track was drying quickly, changed most of the pilots already in the first round of Slicks on profile-type and tubeless tyres. An act in the blink of an eye, 2.5 seconds time needs a good Team for the Service. Vettel stood a 9.5. Right rear, it was stuck, even still, after all the procrastination. Mamma mia! The edge fell back from rank four to eight, behind Leclerc.

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"I'm going to finish the season with dignity to the end", had Vettel explained after his many surprising separation of Ferrari. For a four-time world champion with claim to the top spots is not an easy Exercise. Vettel drives to win. But as far as Mercedes with Hamilton, as the Teams with the drive from the Daimler group of which are the dangers, can not look in the Hesse even. Hamilton was twenty rounds before the end of the Grand Prix, a good 22 seconds ahead of Dutchman Verstappen in Red Bull, and the canadian Lance Stroll in the Racing Point, closely followed by Valtteri Bottas in the second, black silver arrow. The Finn lost his prospect of winning with a bad Start. It forms the tail end of a leadership group. But in the last third, he played the Superiority of his cars to dare to make an additional pit stop and chased with the best times to Stroll on Verstappen. 22 seconds behind, you can still catch up? Not quite. 0.7 seconds Bottas was in the goal behind the Dutch. Therefore, the competition is happy now already on rank two: "I didn't think that I can start," said Verstappen. In the introduction round, he was lost on the humid slopes of the range. The suspension had been damaged on the front left.

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