Klopp and Liverpool: We are charged, I can tell you.

With a glance at the table of the Premier League, it seems absurd that Liverpool FC have a Problem to make. The club of Jurgen Klopp is in first place with 25 p

Klopp and Liverpool: We are charged, I can tell you.

With a glance at the table of the Premier League, it seems absurd that Liverpool FC have a Problem to make. The club of Jurgen Klopp is in first place with 25 points ahead of Manchester City. The first win of the English football championship for 30 years, it is only a matter of time. But in the last few Games before the season was interrupted in March due to the Coronavirus pandemic, not the "Reds" as round as before.

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test In the League, Liverpool lost for the first and so far the only Time this season – with 0:3 against the relegation threatened Watford FC. In the FA Cup, the team eliminated a few days later against Chelsea. In the Champions League, the defending Champions failed in the first knockout round to Atletico Madrid; the mental is so hard to digest, 2:3 defeat after extra time at Anfield Stadium, was the last game before the players and coaches for about three months and went into Isolation.

this week, the Premier League continues now with the game operation, as in the other major European leagues, of course, without Fans in the stadiums. It starts this Wednesday with the new Aston Villa against Sheffield United, and Manchester City against Arsenal FC play. On the weekend, then the first full round is completed. Manchester should lose City against Arsenal could win the Liverpool FC on Sunday with a victory in the Merseyside Derby against Everton FC in the championship.

Otherwise, Klopp's Team needs two wins from the nine matches remaining. Since the end of may, the Teams train together again on the football field instead of individually, in order to obtain after the long break, the necessary Race Fitness. Klopp said in an Interview with "Fox Sports", his players would have been "pleased as five and six-year-old boys" on it while it was in the gardens of their houses, so good, fit thought. This anticipation, he wanted to take in the first few games: "We are charged, I can tell you."

the professionals is a rigorous workload is waiting. Up to the age of 25. July is supposed to be finished the season. 40 days for 92 of the remaining Premier League games. This means that each club must play all four and a half days. Add to that for some clubs the national and international Cup competitions. To carry this burden on an invoice, may change the coach until the end of the season per game five times; you don't have to pull the change, however, with a maximum of three opportunities to dismember the flow of the game overly.

some other things will change. Players and coaches must wear during the games, no masks, not even on the substitutes ' bench, but they are tested when they Enter the stages of a possible infection. Instead of ball boys and girls are approximately deposited to the playing field of balls. The players are not encouraged to spit on the lawn. The goal is to do without intimate hugs, the scorers are to be directed instead to a special cheers camera.

The Premier League should finally remain in a state of emergency, a polished TV product. 33 of the remaining 92 games be broadcast on free-to-air television. Even the Video referee to be divided for the purpose of Social Distancing in different rooms. With a wink the "BBC" wrote: "fortunately, we yearn so much to Premier League Action, we even have a heated Studio would welcome discussion about when a armpit two inches above an arbitrary line a competitive advantage mind, and when it is not. It can't come soon enough.“

First it was said that some games should not be held in the stadiums of the respective hosts, in order to prevent that Fans of rules, despite the current distance, there are going to. It is abandoned in England, but also with a view to the Bundesliga, where it is not met similar concerns to significant accumulations.

Updated Date: 17 June 2020, 06:19

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