Learn to swim: So this works with the seahorses

learning to Swim, the sea horse badges and carefree at the Pool or the sea to rage, the is in times, where more and more pools close commute to the nearest bath

Learn to swim: So this works with the seahorses

learning to Swim, the sea horse badges and carefree at the Pool or the sea to rage, the is in times, where more and more pools close commute to the nearest bathroom long and swimming lessons hopelessly crowded, not easy. Even if parents have managed to secure a place for your child in one of the often not cheap swimming lessons doesn't mean that the child can swim after ten dates, also for sure: It courses from fall, the child is sick, or an important personal appointment comes up. But what is it actually, that parents teach their children in the summer holidays to Swim on his own, such as Running or Cycling, but in overheated swimming pools on the edge of the pool and the children swimming learn to look?

"Some parents don't even think about their children to even teach, because simply, all children in the circle of friends a course. Some mothers do not trust, because you are afraid to do something wrong," says Mynia Deeg, who has three children and just with your Start-up "Swimstart", a digital swim school, has gone online; you had not interviewed in the run-up to the founding parents why they taught their children, because the Swimming itself. For many parents, Swimming seems to be a sport that you have to know yourself well to be able to his child to teach.

With your digital floating of the course is to make Deeg parents is clear: "you can!" The impetus for this has been a personal experience as her at the time, three and a half year old son almost drowned. For this reason, you don't want to convey only the Swimming but also the "water competence" of the parents ' and children's strengths, because the Lack of this expertise is often the reason why it has come to hit the hole.

To Drown in a puddle of rich

In the year 2019 are in the country come in 17 children in pre - school and eight primary school age in the water died, reports Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft (DLRG) was founded in 1913 as a consequence of a severe disaster on the island of Rügen, where a bridge collapsed and 16 people drowned, including two children. The number of accidents to take again, so the DLRG. "For children any Form of water is dangerous. It doesn't matter whether sea, lake, river, or Pool; if a child plays with it, forgets his environment, and there's enough of a puddle to Drown,“ says Achim Wiese, press officer of the DLRG. "Children in preschool should never be on the water alone, parents must stay in close reach," emphasises Meadow therefore.

And just because a child have a seahorse, it is not automatically a safe float, the DLRG. Of a safe float the DLRG speaks only as of the freischwimmer badge, now called "Bronze"; then you can deal with different situations in the water. "A seahorse is only a badge of Motivation, the need to parents be aware of," says Meadow.

reasons why children can rarely swim and hit the hole, the DLRG in the fact that there are less swimming pools and also fewer courses and endless waiting lists. "Another Problem is that, even for primary schools, which in the 3. and 4. Class Swim on the curriculum, often no possibility to get free cars in a pool hall,“ says Meadow.

The head must be under water

the founder Deeg Started with an Online swimming course for home, "Swim at Home", because Yes, while the Corona-crisis, no pools were open. It is important that families can get started immediately, without a waiting list. "One of the biggest hurdles when swimming is to learn that children hold the head under water," says Deeg. Since it could go in a swimming course with 10 hours up to 8 hours just for that alone, it. However, to get the head under water is not only important to learn efficient swimming, but not to panic, if it falls suddenly into the water. The let simple and with a few Tricks in the bath or in the paddling pool in the garden to practice, so Deeg.

Date Of Update: 25 July 2020, 04:20

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