National players after Munich: the Transfer of Leroy Sané to Bayern is official

Pep Guardiola met a lot of good decisions for the FC Bayern. Perhaps the best of them but, as he was no longer the coach of Bayern. And, of course, not voluntar

National players after Munich: the Transfer of Leroy Sané to Bayern is official

Pep Guardiola met a lot of good decisions for the FC Bayern. Perhaps the best of them but, as he was no longer the coach of Bayern. And, of course, not voluntary. As on 4. August 2019 the number 19 on the lineup sheet from Manchester City for the Community Shield, the English Supercup, showed up, was a surprise to many, FC Bayern, where it is the carrier of this number, Leroy Sané, already trade was agreed to, and only about the transfer fee with the English Champions negotiated. That Guardiola Sané established that in such cases, the usual caution pointedly ignoring, is now established as one of the most costly coach decisions in the history of football. After 13 minutes Sanés cruciate ligament, tear Sanés exchange, and collapsed Sanés market burst in value.

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Now, the player would have been a year ago, almost the first Hundred-million-Euro-man of German football, according to Reports from England and Germany for around half this sum from Manchester to Munich goes. The bottom line is that Guardiola has cost his club accordingly, and fifty million euros. After all, it is not at arms: the men of Abu Dhabi. But, of course, the beneficiaries of this history is not part of the Suffering of the football industry. Make sure you get your desired players only a year later, a year in which they also won without him, the championship and the Double or even Triple full can, the Bayern halved the transfer sum and the saved content of the seventy million Euro saved.

Bavaria as a shadow national team?

at the Latest, as Sané on Wednesday evening shortly before eight on a private jet on the airfield of Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany to the West of Munich landed, and in a vehicle of the record of the master rose, it was clear that the Transfer of more than one year after the beginning of the first negotiations, the way was now should be no use by Guardiola and more. The eleven minutes, the coach left the after nearly eleven months, the Team Returned last week to the 5:0 against Burnley play, were probably the last in the Jersey of Manchester City.

On Thursday morning, was driven Sané after the evening commenced, in the Morning in a Munich clinic continuing medical examinations, the usual last procedure, before the signing of the contract, in a red electric SUV to the Säbener Straße. A year after the end of the legendary Duo of Robben and Ribéry should reach with it, the quality on the wings, where Serge Gnabry and Kingsley Coman make a hell of a pace, finally returning to the world level. At the same time, the objective is to make Bavaria a kind of shadow national team, in which the backbone of the German selection is gathered shows more and more. Players like Kimmich, Süle, Gnabry, Goretzka, the Elite of the twenties Golden twenties – with the appropriate addition of the 24-year-old Sané and, as a possible king transfer, the 21-year-old Kai Havertz.

the Sané-Deal shows that Bayern will occur in spite of, and perhaps even thanks to Corona from a Position of strength. Their market position has improved in the crisis, not only compared to the domestic competition, the can not think of such purchases in this until well into October straight transfer of the summer, hardly. But to a club like Manchester City, the sponge through the deep pockets of his Oil sponsors earlier in the money, but now by the threat of Champions League expulsion due to gross violations of Financial fair play under selling pressure is advised. To keep the young star for another year, and then, after the expiry of the contract, free transfer to go, couldn't afford the City.

Half price but no bargain

the price for Sané, and yet certainly not bargain halved. The discount also reflects residual doubt as to whether the national player actually has the makings of the world star, as he is presented in appearance and content ideas like already. After two and a half good seasons with City, the son of former professional footballer Souleymane Sané, and the once best German sport gymnast Regina Weber was before the knee injury in Guardiola increasingly sidelined. If he can increase after a year and a half, more or less, lost years, the Bayern permanently, he must prove in the first place.

Date Of Update: 03 July 2020, 03:19

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