Sheffield United: On the way to Europe

Chris Wilder was in a bad mood. This Saturday afternoon at the end of August 2019, it was the third round of the Premier League, had lost to newly promoted Shef

Sheffield United: On the way to Europe

Chris Wilder was in a bad mood. This Saturday afternoon at the end of August 2019, it was the third round of the Premier League, had lost to newly promoted Sheffield United in the domestic Bramall Lane stadium against Leicester City 1:2. Actually, not a big thing, especially since Sheffield was started with four points from their first two Games, solid in the season. The Fans had seen a dedicated presence for their team, so they applauded, as the player direction of the cabin, sloshing. United coach Wilder wanted to but know nothing about it. "I don't understand why the round of applause should have," he said in an Interview. His team had worked hard to be the least it can do. "Thanks for the effort" – no, it was nothing for him. "There are a lot of things we need to work." A week later, Sheffield took out a 2:2 against Chelsea.

almost A year later – the season drags on because of the Corona interruption in the length – is Sheffield United in the table in the Premier League in seventh place ahead of Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal FC. The riser has three games before the end of the season, the Chance to qualify for the European Cup. It would be the first Time in 131 years since the founding of the club. The other promoted teams, Aston Villa and Norwich City, Bob up and down, meanwhile, on the penultimate and last place – Norwich is already Relegated. So some observers think that Sheffield is basically gone with a squad to the season in England's second League would be in better hands. With the equivalent of 120 million Euro, the sum of the market value of the team is the lowest of all Premier League clubs. The squad of the master of Liverpool FC is about eight times the value.

Chris Wilder is not a sourpuss. He can also praise. After his team last weekend, had won the return game against Chelsea 3:0, he said: "it was a really good performance," slowed down and restricted to him: "it had to be – we were pretty close to our Maximum." The 52-Year-old in may 2016 in the office and has led the club since then, from the third League in England's top division. He was born in stock bridge, in Sheffield and was as a player for United actively, even when he was sold during his career, predominantly in the base of English football across the country and awarded.

Four years to make a down crumbs third-League club to a Europa League contender. The man who carries in Games training suit and the coat-of-arms, allegedly, has the Club on the skin is tattooed, has managed with his club Large. In 2019, he was elected to England's coach of the year. The BBC called him a "master of psychology". But Wild is more than just a Motivator, and more than "just" a figure of identification for the Fans, the running times in the Pub over the way. He is regarded as a hard worker and shrewd tactician who prepares his team for each opponent in Detail. Allegedly, he distributed folders with information about the individual against the player or enemy moves.

squad almost exclusively from the British and the Irish

Much has been written this season about his interior defenders, the crowded in own attacks in the style of the outside defenders to the midfield on the left and the right, in order to create on the wings Majority. The necessary discipline and Organisation of the team is the result of Wilders firmer training guide. His Co-Trainer Alan Knill called him a born Manager: "He wants to organize everything. If a bunch of tables and chairs were in a room, he would align it so that it is right.“ With 33 goals in 35 Games Sheffield United have the second best defense in the Premier League, only Liverpool has less goals against accept.

Date Of Update: 16 July 2020, 10:19

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