Triathlete Anne Hauck: An Ironman as a gift from a friend

Can be an Ironman proof of Love? You can give his loved one a long-distance Triathlon before the South front door? In times like these? Yes, you can. Thomas Pig

Triathlete Anne Hauck: An Ironman as a gift from a friend

Can be an Ironman proof of Love? You can give his loved one a long-distance Triathlon before the South front door? In times like these? Yes, you can. Thomas Pignede has gifted his girlfriend on the sporty and emotionally high-speed way. He had seen how good and conscientious they had prepared for the Ironman Frankfurt, your long-distance-Premiere,. As for the 28. June planned EM had to be cancelled at the Main, then, sought Pignede solutions to your Swim anyway, the racing experience of over 3.8 kilometres, to give 180 km Biking and 42,195 km. Also to let their good shape is not just fizzle out. And so Anne Hauck booth on Sunday morning at 6 o'clock in the Morning on the banks of the pit Prince of Hesse in the Darmstadt forest.

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The fog drifted over the water, but even to this time had gathered a few friends to Cheer, the song "The Final Countdown" was played and Anne Hauck crashed in your black wetsuit with a yellow cap in the water. Escorted by a well-Known in a paddle boat.

"It was unexpected, unexpected and extraordinary. An experience that I will never forget,“ says the 29-Year-old the day after distribution. In a time to be in the triathlon scene in a negative spiral of Demotivation and Depression caught seems. "I'm in the Corona-the time war. I just wanted to know if I can long distance. And there's nothing else left for me, as to make it easy,“ says Anne Hauck. The Pair had met once in the Team of volunteers from the DSW Darmstadt-oriented Woogsprint Triathlon. In the meantime, both are on the Board of the DSW-triathlon Department, and very involved.

Because she worked as an architect back in the office, he can tackle as a Software developer, but still could be in the home office, Pignede in his work breaks the logistically challenging gift Format secretive. Free to Superstar Jan Frodeno, the in the Corona-time media to be effective, an Ironman-distance at home graduated. However, the Darmstadt-based Couple has neither a swimming Pool with counter-current system still tilt wheel and treadmill in the living room. So it was a real (Solo)race on a real race track. A day of racing, the stick was hard and yet a strong romantic touch had.

After the Swim, the bike course from the pit led to a 15-kilometre-long circular course at Messel and Urberach, you are eleven times had to cope with. A track with predominantly right-hand corners, so that the athlete has lost as little time as possible at intersections. Pignede, and his best buddy, Felix major, who had written the training plans for Anne Hauck, stood at a constructed station. Fellow club member drove the course in the opposite direction, you often see, and in the case of any defects on the wheel or the Like to quickly be on the spot.

the last piece of the bike course led then to Darmstadt. Anne Hauck was lucky that you had to click on the entire 180 kilometres, never out of their pedals. At the rehearsal they had had to wait twice at level crossings on the closed barriers. The transition zone 2 was in the apartment of the pair in the Martin district. What had the advantage that you could leave the bike there for sure. The final Marathon in the Darmstadt city Park on the famous training route of the DSW.

after 30 kilometers they have experienced their first and only Deep, says Anne Hauck. "But I knew that I am tough." You've seen with Thomas, as he had on his two long distances 2019 prepared. The Frenchman had gone in the previous summer in Frankfurt at the Start and had qualified with a strong time of 9:24:14 hours, "Accidentally", as he says, laughing, for the Ironman world Championships in Hawaii. "The units in the preparation," says Anne Hauck, who trained often together with Thomas, "are long and loose and a lot of it. It doesn't hurt that much.“ And so they walked the long distance, even though 2019 was your sporting year of misfortune: Characterized by injury, illness and a severe accident at a club training camp in Italy, when she was hit by a car.

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