Trouble to Racing Point: a billionaire in the copy shop ...

In this case, there's a certain irony. Racing Point-sitting on the dock for an Offence that you once fought with all means. Haas F1 broke in 2016 with a new ap

Trouble to Racing Point: a billionaire in the copy shop ...

In this case, there's a certain irony. Racing Point-sitting on the dock for an Offence that you once fought with all means. Haas F1 broke in 2016 with a new approach to the ticket to the formula 1. The team bought everything at Ferrari, what is allowed in the regulations. Only Chassis, radiator, sash, and trim of the car emerged in its own design office, about 30 percent of the overall package. Racing Point saw, under the name of Force India, the end of the evening country, came and stood at the head of the principles tab. The more successful of the disguised Ferrari was, the more reprehensible the cooperation appeared.

The Alliance between Ferrari and Haas F1 animated Red Bull and Mercedes to do the Same: Red Bull with Alpha Tauri, Mercedes with the Racing Point. There is a brain took place through an owner change of clothes. The canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll so wanted to success as quickly as possible. He gave the direction, the idealists had no Chance. The most pragmatic approach, with engine partner Mercedes team, there's not as many parts as possible to buy, and the Rest of the car faithfully recreate. What is also worth for Mercedes, according to team boss Toto Wolff explains: "For us, this is a real business model. We earn good money with Racing Point. You are way competitive. So this is a Win-win Situation.“

Racing Point drove the once-criticized the model on the top. What used to be considered as a break with the DNA of formula 1, is today no longer a minor offense. The engineers copied the last year's Mercedes to the smallest Detail. At Renault, the alarm bells rang. The work of the team protested against plagiarism. Racing Point, was accused on the basis of clear Matches, to have parts of the cars are not self-constructed. The plaintiff focused vents on the Brake, because the prospects of success were greatest. Renault Ambassador Alain Prost sees the larger context. "If we allow a collaboration between Mercedes and Racing Point or Red Bull, and Alpha Tauri, is to make the school. At some point Williams will aspire to the same model with Mercedes, Haas, and Alfa Romeo with a Ferrari. Then you stand as a designer such as Renault alone. We can't copy this model, even if we wanted to. A Mercedes to build, we would need a Mercedes engine and a Mercedes gearbox. That doesn't work for Renault.“

"Racing Point not to forget his Knowledge,"

The sports commissioners to be needed for 26 days, until they brought their verdict in a 14-page paper. It is as complex as it is the case. The brake vents are not legal, the design process, it was. In order for Racing to miss the Point of a disqualification. The classification of the components in such a that you must buy and those that it is necessary to construct a self in the Sporting regulations. That explains the penalty, which appears to be so many in the circus contradictory.

Racing Point must pay 400,000 euros, and loses 15 points for the championship standings, but must take the part more. It would not be possible to commit the Team to build new Brake ducts. Nikolas Tombazis, chief technology officer of the International automobile Federation Fia, regrets: "Racing Point not to forget his Knowledge. Any redesign would look like now. And how are we to determine how large the difference must be that he goes through as our own design?“

formula 1 driver standings

The Fia has dug this pit himself, by the turn of the Year, the Status of the brake shafts has changed. In the last year Racing Point was the drawings of these parts, or design of which is still completely legal at Mercedes shop. 1. January 2020 which was forbidden. This explains why only the rear brake vents were objected to. The front had been used by Racing Point already in 2019. The Mercedes has a copy of the intellectual property of the customer teams. The documentation for the rear brake vents wandered in the drawer, because the vehicle is in 2019 that had a completely different concept than the Mercedes. Now the information about the rear vents were used. Legally, the designer of the part is still Mercedes.

Date Of Update: 16 August 2020, 04:19

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