A former UFC champ was accused of molesting a family member. DA claims

Cain Velasquez, allegedly "chosen to make the law his own" in a "sad tragic".

A former UFC champ was accused of molesting a family member. DA claims

Authorities said Wednesday that the target of an attempted killing by former UFC champ Cain Velasquez, was a Northern California man who was accused of molestation of a young relative to the fighter.

Velasquez (39), is accused of hitting Harry Goularte's truck in Morgan Hill, approximately 20 miles south-east of downtown San Jose. This set off an 11-mile, high-speed chase that began Monday afternoon.

Officials said that the fighter was driving a Ford truck, and he was following a Chevrolet Silverado truck driven to San Jose by Goularte his stepfather.

According to a Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office statement, Velasquez "rammed his truck into Silverado and fired multiple shots with his registered.40 pistol." "A Silverado passenger, a female passenger, called 911 to get help."

Velasquez was finally stopped by Morgan Hill police near Madrone Avenue, San Jose.

Goularte was not hurt in the attack, while his relative, aged 63, was injured but is expected to recover.

Velasquez was charged among other offenses with attempted, premeditated killing.

Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen released a statement saying that Velasquez "chosen to take the law into himself, endangering both the public and all those in the truck". His family also suffers from the violence.

When reached by NBC News, Velasquez’s lawyer Mark Geragos refused to comment but stated that he was looking forward to defending him.

Geragos stated, "He's an amazing loving father and husband."

The DA stated that Goularte (43), is being held on felony molestation charges. He was already out on bail. Goularte was ordered by a judge to be placed in home detention. He also had to stay 100 yards from any child younger than 14.

According to prosecutors, Goularte was on the way to be fitted for an electronic monitor bracelet when Velasquez attacked him.

Velazquez was last seen fighting in 2019. He previously held the UFC heavyweight title twice.

The belt was first won by Brock Lesnar on October 23, 2010, when he defeated Brock Lesnar with a TKO.

Junior Dos Santos defeated Velasquez during a first round knockout on November 12, 2011. The former champ regained his belt in a rematch of Dec. 29, 2012.

Velasquez, a Mexican pro-wrestling organization, has been performing in recent years.

He is currently being held at the Santa Clara County Main Jail Complex, San Jose. A bail hearing has been set for Monday.

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