Aaron Rodgers' Problem with Packers underscored by a Minumum of One thing, veteran NFL broadcaster Indicates

Aaron Rodgers continues to be silent in regards to the recent rumors of his unhappiness with the Green Bay Packers company.

Aaron Rodgers' Problem with Packers underscored by a Minumum of One thing, veteran NFL broadcaster Indicates

He appeared in the Kentucky Derby before this month and declined to perform an on-camera meeting with NBC Sports broadcaster Mike Tirico. Rodgers and Tirico did talk camera off and also the broadcaster said in the time he'd "clarify Aaron as disappointed that information has come from the rift with the Packers" and stated Rodgers expressed just how much he enjoys Green Bay, the lovers and the franchise.

Tirico provided more insight to the Rodgers saga at a recent interview on "The Adam Schefter Podcast." Tirico said Rodgers and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, that was also mentioned in trade rumors throughout the offseason, are considering Tom Brady's success together with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers late in his career and so are getting more enthusiastic about doing something like this.

"I believe they watched Tom Brady go someplace and the people about him were put there to optimize victory, and said,'Look, which may be me' In both circumstances, that has been some of this issue around both groups," the longtime NFL broadcaster said.

"The folks round Aaron Rodgers... perhaps they wanted to maintain this manner. And it struck home since it occurred in their yard."

Rodgers' rift with the Packers allegedly dates back into the 2020 NFL Draft once the team chosen Jordan Love from the initial round without consulting him. It was just allegedly exacerbated by the launch of receiver Jake Kumerow.

"I really don't believe the way things have performed within the past couple of years with the company... let us draft, build and perform things with no splashy free brokers... it has been done one way for approximately 30 years... Can it be the perfect method to win using a celebrity quarterback, not put things together and make a run for this?

"That may not be the ideal position for Aaron Rodgers at this stage in his profession. I feel those are the seeds which have bubbled and evolved within the past the number of months"

He aided the Packers get into the NFC Championship just to drop to Brady and the Buccaneers.

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