After a loss , Howard of Michigan hits out at the Wisconsin assistant

Dissatisfied that Wisconsin called a late timeout on him, Juwan Howard, Michigan's coach began to argue in the post-game handshake line.

After a loss , Howard of Michigan hits out at the Wisconsin assistant

He then hit a Badgers assistant on the head.

After a loss to No. 15, Wisconsin, the Wolverines were left with little to worry about. His poke transformed a push-and-shoveling scrum into an explosive brawl.

After a handshake with Wisconsin coach Greg Gard, Howard struck Joe Krabbenhoft, the Wisconsin assistant. "

Howard stated that he was not happy with Wisconsin asking for a timeout after there were 15 seconds left in the game and the Badgers leading by 15.

Howard stated that he didn't think it was necessary, particularly with a large lead.

Gard stated that he called the timeout as his reserves had only four seconds left to score the goal. The timeout gives them a total of 10 seconds.

Gard stated that he was not going to place them in a position where the ball had been knocked out-of-bounds and would have to make a press in just four seconds.

Howard pointed a finger towards Gard after the game. Howard later reached through a crowd and struck Krabbenhoft's left side.

Both sides got into the skirmish. Video showed Michigan's Moussa Dibate and Wisconsin’s Jahcobi Nath throwing punches.

Howard stated that he reacted to Wisconsin's attempt on his life. "

Gard was seen touching Howard's wrist or arm area with his hands while explaining why he called timeout.

Howard stated that someone touched me and it was uncalled for. They were communicating verbally and that's what escalated the situation. "

Chris McIntosh, Wisconsin's athletic director, said that he had already contacted Kevin Warren, Big Ten commissioner about the situation and added that Wisconsin had employees who were "affected" or injured. "

McIntosh stated that there is no place, no space, for conduct like this in any competition, especially a Big Ten competition. "

Warde Manuel, Michigan's athletic director, issued a statement stating that he had made an apology to McIntosh. Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman had also contacted Rebecca Blank, Wisconsin Chancellor, "to make amends for the completely unacceptable behavior." "

Manuel stated that there is no reason for student-athletes or staff members to get in a physical altercation, regardless of the instigating factors.

The Big Ten released a statement saying that it was aware of the "physical altercation" between Juwan Howard, Michigan's head coach, and that it is evaluating the situation. Howard stated that he would respect any decision made by the Big Ten.

Manuel stated that they would review the situation and collaborate with the Big Ten Conference to determine their disciplinary actions. If necessary, Manuel added that further disciplinary action may be taken.

This isn’t Howard’s first high-profile encounter with another Big Ten coach.

Howard was involved in a shouting match last season with Mark Turgeon, the coach at Maryland. Howard was removed from a game Michigan won 79-66.

Johnny Davis scored 25 to help Wisconsin (21-5 and 12-4) win a close game. Wisconsin beat Michigan 44-25 in the final 18 minutes.

Davis made a personal 90 run and blocked a shot within 2 minutes, 12 second to give the Badgers an impressive 56-41 lead.

Hunter Dickinson scored 21 for Michigan (14-11 and 8-7). DeVante' Jones had 11, while Eli Brooks had 14.

Steven Crowl scored 11 for Wisconsin. Brad Davison and Chucky Hepburn added 10 each. Tyler Wahl also contributed 10.

Wahl stated that nothing unusual occurred during the game, and could not have predicted what would follow.

Wahl stated that it was a 40-minute game of basketball, a physical game and Big Ten basketball.

This all changed after the post-game handshake.


Wisconsin presented Michael Finley's No. 24- jersey to the rafters in a halftime ceremony. Wisconsin had its pep band wear white No. 24, T-shirts all through the game.

Finley is joined by Ab Nicholas (No. 8) and Frank Kaminsky(No. 44), as the only Wisconsin players with their jerseys in rafters.

Finley stated that "it wasn't something I came to university as a goal." "

Finley was the first Badger to score at least 2,000 points in a career. He was a member of Wisconsin's 1991-95 team that won the 1994 NCAA Tournament title. He also played in the NBA between 1995 and 2010, winning a title with San Antonio Spurs in 2007, and earning two All-Star selections.


Michigan: The Wolverines missed an opportunity to improve their NCAA Tournament credentials. But, the larger issue is Howard's immediate future and the discipline he might be facing.

Wisconsin: Davis could be the man to lead the Badgers to a deep postseason run. However, the performances of Crowl & Hepburn offer reason for optimism.


Wisconsin can move up a few places Monday after following up its victory over Indiana with this win at home over Michigan. This is a bid to get back in the top 10.


Michigan: Rutgers hosts on Wednesday.

Wisconsin: In Minnesota on Wednesday.

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