After Chloe Kim won the historic Olympic gold medal, her boyfriend wrote the most adorable message.

Evan Berle said that he is honored to have been a part the Olympic snowboarder's lives.

After Chloe Kim won the historic Olympic gold medal, her boyfriend wrote the most adorable message.

All snowboarding enthusiasts around the globe are celebrating Chloe Kim’s historic win in halfpipe -- including Evan Berle, one of her biggest admirers.

The Team USA star, 21 years old, scored a near perfect score of 94.00 points during her halfpipe run in Beijing Wednesday. She won the top medal and became the first woman ever to win back-toback Olympic golds in snowboarding halfpipe.


Moments later, her skateboarding boyfriend celebrated her feat with several posts to his Instagram Story.
"Words can't describe how proud I am right now of this girl!" Berle added the sweet photo alongside. "It is an honor to have been a part your life and the journey you've taken over the past couple of years. This moment is possible because of the hard work you have put in. You are so special to me.

Berle also shared video clips of Kim's winning moment that were posted by family and friends. Each clip demonstrates the joy and pride they felt.


Kim's second Olympic performance came a little over a month after Kim and her husband celebrated their second anniversary on Jan. 1.

Kim was preparing for the Beijing Games and Kim didn't post about it this year. This is understandable. Last year, however, they took the time to celebrate their first anniversary on social media.

Berle wrote along with a collection of photos. Happy anniversary, beautiful girl. You make every part of my life better. I am so grateful to have spent each day with you.

Kim returned the felicitations in , a post she wrote.

"Happy anniversary bubs!" She wrote it in casual style. "You are very funny, and I am not yet sick of you.. hehe. You are the best quarantine buddy that I could have and I am so grateful to you. We love you so much, and thank you for the waffles.

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