All Blacks vs Fiji - Ian Foster will receive some answers from the physical Fijians

Even the locals are complaining about the wintery Dunedin air. The unsold tickets for Saturday's All Blacks test against Fiji suggest that some people have decided to stay in their cozy living rooms and watch the encounter.

All Blacks vs Fiji - Ian Foster will receive some answers from the physical Fijians

Forsyth Barr Stadium might have a roof. However, with Saturday's high of 7 degrees in Dunedin, supporters will either be brave or foolish if they bring less than three layers.

The temperature will be much higher for the players. Fijian players are expected to be facing the All Blacks. They will have the ability to ask some probing questions.

Let's show some respect for Fiji. Although they might not win, t they have a lot of athletes who are used to the grind and collision-heavy European rugby. Foster's description on Thursday of them as "battle-hardened" was admired.

Foster stated that "in a bit of contrast [against Tonga] there've got many players returning from Europe who have been playing consistently."

"They have a lot of high-quality players in European competitions so they are a growing team.

They can play...probably more than they have in the chance to play together. However, they have been able to train together quite efficiently over the past two weeks.

"So we expect a lot big and strong ball carriers. They are fast and strong. They would love to be under the roof.

Where should we look for individual matchups that could provide All Blacks with some food for thought Saturday?

There is no better place than in the midfield where All Blacks No12 David Havili will face off against Levani Botia, the sometimes frightening Fiji captain.

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