There are no longer any French clubs involved in men’s European competition. After Paris, missing its semi-final return in the Champions League on Tuesday, against Dortmund, it is Marseille’s turn to fail at the gates of the Europa League final. In Italy, the Marseille team lost heavily against Atalanta Bergamo with goals from Lookman, Ruggeri and Touré (3-0). La Dea will face Bayer Leverkusen, who beat AS Roma (4-2 on aggregate) in the Europa League final, on May 22 in Dublin.

What you must remember

We didn’t necessarily expect him in attack alongside Scamacca and De Ketelaere and yet. First scorer of the evening with a powerful strike from the right (30th), then decisive passer on Ruggeri’s goal (52nd), Lookman made the Italians’ European dreams come true. The Nigerian international could even have increased the score (34th) if he had not slipped a few steps from the Marseille goalkeeper. Nightmare of the Marseillais, hero of the Bergamasques, he is undoubtedly the man of the match.

1-0, 30th. Served in the middle by De Ketelaere, the strong man of the match Ademola Lookman fixes the Marseille defense and strikes with his right foot. The ball is deflected by Gigot and goes into Lopez’s little net.

2-0, 52nd. Returning from the locker room, Matteo Ruggeri, the left winger of Atalanta, leaves on his side and enters the inside of the game. He plays one-two with Lookman, and enters the Marseille area. The Italian opens his right foot and the ball goes into the top corner. Lopez, abandoned by his defenders, can do nothing.

3-0, 90th 4. Additional time is about to end and the Marseillais no longer really believe in it. After a harmless touch, El Bilal Touré accelerates on his left side and gets rid of Balerdi. The Dea player curls a shot with his right foot which lodges in the opposite net!